• “Are you scared?” Words I’ve said before…you cannot honestly tell me that your thoughts and emotions have not changed in the least. “You are useless to Aizen-sama now. There’s no one left to protect you.” Your friends do not have the strength to win; their rescue mission here has all along been futile, yet you did not heed my previous assertion. It is hopeless. “It’s over. You will die alone here, where no one can reach you.”...Why do you remain silent woman? Have you finally excepted what is to come?...Is your silence an act of submission? Such actions are useless now...Say something.”I asked you if you are scared.”
    “I’m not scared.” ...Impossible. How can that-- “Everyone came to save me, so my heart is already with them.” …I do not understand your logic...how can you be so certain in something that has little foundation to lie on? “You are unafraid because your friends came for you? Are you serious?” Certainly you cannot be….to be as such would be utterly foolish. “Yes.” ...Yes?....such a simple answer…yet I cannot begin comprehend it…does this have to do with what you claim to be the heart?
    "...When I first heard they were coming to rescue me, I was a little happy...but very sad." Happy? Sad?...Emotions...Mere weaknesses that come from your so called heart. Such things have no value to me. "I came here to protect everyone, so why did they have to follow me? I wonder why they hadn't realized it. But, when I felt Kuchiki-san fall, and when I saw Kurosaki-kun fighting, none of it mattered anymore. I just didn't want Kurosaki-kun to get hurt." Do not say that shinigami's name...do not taint yourself with his name...he is mere trash...trash that I need to dispose of. "I just wanted everyone to be safe. That's when I realized. Oh. They probably felt the same...If one of them had disappeared the way I did, I know I'd do the same thing--" And you would be killed just as they are going to be...your friends and your heart....how can you preach about something that would surely mean your demise?
    What is a heart? An organ that pumps blood throughout the veins of the body, essential for human life?....Or is it something more?
    Why is it that the word heart is being tossed around so easily? It's as if these humans act like they carry them in the palms of their hands...But that simply is not possible; my eye sees everything, nothing can escape it. What it does not see, does not exist. So the "heart" of which they speak is just simply an illusion, it is not real....such trash....it is pointless to even think about such things...But....then why do I care? Why do I find such a fascination in something I deem non-existent?
    It is because of this woman? This woman who said that she is unafraid because her friends are coming for her?...That said that her heart is with them....that their hearts are one? This woman who is so fragile, yet is stronger than most arrancar? Does her strength really come from the heart? ...Nonsense. These thoughts are trash....But,...then why do I pursue them so?
    "Heart? What is a heart?" Explain it to me. "If I rip open your chest, will I see it?" Where is it? Why can't I see it? Where does your unyielding determination come from? Is it because of your heart? Answer my questions. "If I crack open your skull, will I find it there?" Explain your reasoning; I do not understand you. You actions...your words...How do you continue to have such bravery even in the position that you are in? When your fate has been sealed? Explain yourself, woman. I need to know."Tell me...what is a heart?"