• Battle between Good vs. Evil

    evil Were coming for you, prepare to...............- Voice of Evil

    Prepare yourself Demon..."takes out flaming b*****d sword while blood red wings emerge from his back"- Voice of Good

    Take out katana and summon the army of the dead. Army of the dead throw swords at you.

    Summons an army of angelic warriors with the assistance of Michael. All using sacred angelic weaponry, well except me.

    evil Army of Dead release catapult of balls of fire on angel warriors with the leadership of Damian. The skies are filled with blood as the blood of the dead rain upon the unholy ground.

    Michael and I over look the scene. We send a blinding light upon the battle field. Our armies start to slash through the undead with us taking charge. Michael and I head for Damien destroying everything in sight.

    Damien cast upon his father Satin as the ground crack the king of evil rise upon the ground. Satin summon another troop of 1,000,000 hatred soul. Satin creates a blood tsunami that drowns the angelic warrior. The troops of dead use evil war craft to attack Michael. Leaving you and me face to face.

    I summon the rest of the archangelic corp. to assist along with Jesus and God. They take care of satin and Damien while I charge at you with full speed, my sword a blaze.

    I see you dashing at me full speed so I quickly summon the sword of Hell LV.10. We collide and an explosion was caused killing all angels and the dead. Both our sword shattered into dust. Forcefully leaving us no choice but to use our deadly magic.
    I summon my ice dragon and send a blast of ice at you freezing everything in its path.

    As I see the ice coming toward me I quickly summon my fire dragon blasting a wave of fire burning everything in its path. We soon took the fight to the sky. I then summon the nine tail fox demon to make sure you won't retreat to land.

    I summon the Spirit Wolf Demon to attack the nine tail fox demon. I whip out my staff of the gods from underneath my cape. "Bring it on" wink

    I took out one of my books and read a spell that summon my chains of the dark lords and both of us got off our dragons and fly as we get set for a battle to remember.

    As I land on a cloud I sweep my cape over me. I reveal my full armor with crimson robes. "The first move is yours my friend"

    Insulted by your words I whip my chain toward you as you thought it was coming for you it was actually toward your dragon. Your dragon fell to the ground weaken. Knowing that your dragon was down I send a bolt of lightning at your armor. I had no guilt for trying to kill you and said, "You'll get no sympathy from me."

    "Wasn’t expecting it" I swing my staff and obsidian darts fly out of the end straight towards your dragon weakening it. I then thrust my staff towards you and a tsunami is sent towards you.

    twisted As the tsunami went toward me I use teleportation and end up behind you. Pointing a sword at your neck I said, “Have any last words."

    I start to laugh. "Can't catch what you can't see." I recite a spell and block out the sun, I then spin around and slash at your eye blocking your blow with my staff.

    After your mysterious disappearance during the war human and angel are enslave. Civilization rise a new era. Only you and Overseer can save Mankind from destruction. The stories ends for now.........