• "No," I cry, but it's too late, she's dead.
    I sit there, motionless, tears rolling down my face. I try to sort through my thoughts. Oh, I can't do this to Master Masia! And... What about... I gasp aloud, oh my goddess... what about... Kallik?! I havn't got to tell him the truth about how i feel about him! Why did I have to get myself into this?
    I remember where I am and stagger to my feet.
    "I will never give into you!" I scream at him, swiftly grabbing my sword, a million things flowing through my head.
    He laughs, quietly, at first, but then it grows louder.
    "What's so funny, Ezushie?" I say his name with discust.
    "Oh, nothing, it's just the fact that you really think you can defeat me!" He laughs his horrible laugh once more, just the same as before.
    Ezushi belongs to a clan that is an enime of the Quinome clan, the clan in which i was born. The ally clan.
    My sword in my hand, I stand, ready to fight for my life, and maybe everyone elses as well.
    His assistant, Jaroku- a man who's lanky legs are both fast and fierce- whispers into his ear.
    I tence, awair that I'm going to have to meet death sooner or later- I preffer later- and I don't know why, but I have the feeling he is feeling some sort of satisfaction.
    I hear a voice in the back of my head, whether I'm ready for it or not, it sounds like Hope's melodic voice rather then my own.
    "Stand your ground, don't give in!"
    It makes me jump, I'm not ready for it.
    It fades until it's completely uncomprehindable.
    I want the voice to come back, to comfert me, but it's long gone, leaving me alone once more.
    I thought that over and decided i was crazy, but proud.
    I do as she instructed, I think.
    Suddenly, using his "lanky" legs as an unfair advantage, Jaroku darts streight at me, knife in hand.
    I take a deep, calming breath, "here i come..."