• “So where are we?” said Viral hopelessly confused.

    “I really don’t know” said Vice also hopelessly confused.

    “According to the map” said Luneth “were near Death City, Zenebatos”.

    The three friends Viral Edge, Vice Versa, and Luneth Sthral, were looking for a man named Lear. Viral: is a boy with short blue hair he is seventeen years old. He is wearing a white shirt and black pants with a white stripe down the side and a cloak to hide his weapon, a long sword, strapped to his side by a belt. Vice: also a boy he is sixteen years old with long black hair he is wearing a green shirt with no sleeves and shorts that go down past his knees also wearing a cloak to hide his weapon, twin sword strapped to each of his sides by two belts. Luneth: a boy with very long white hair he is eighteen years old he is wearing a black jacket with a skull on the back and blue pants he is carrying a coffin to hide his scythe.

    “Nice name for a city don’t you think” said Vice sarcastically

    “Can you believe that it has been two years since the massacre?” Asked Viral

    “Can you believe that we made it out of there alive?” replied Luneth

    “Yea luckily Tai sensei was passing through town when it happened” said Viral “He took us in and treated us like his own kids and he taught us how to fight and use weapons. And then three months ago he died of old age.”

    “At least he was happy, he taught us every thing we know he taught us how to be men and left us his secrets. The sensei move as if he was a teenager like us.” Replied Luneth “This is the day we get revenge on Lear the man who destroyed our village, and killed our families.

    “Hey enough reminiscing we are here.” Said Vice “ironic little place now is it”
    Death city, Zenebatos was very lively
    “Ok let’s split up and find info on Lear. Got it!” said Viral

    “Yea break!” said Luneth

    The trio split up and looked around town thirty minuets later they met up at the inn.

    “Did you find any thing” asked Vice

    “I found out that Lear is the king” said Luneth
    “That serves some problems” said Viral

    There was a commotion in the front of the inn

    “Where are Viral Edge, Vice Versa, and Luneth Sthral? Said the royally dressed man
    “King Lear wants to fight you to the death”

    “Well that was much unexpected” said Vice

    The three go the castle Zenebatos

    “Viral Vice Luneth Welcome to my castle” said Lear

    A platinum haired man was sitting on the throne he looked about twenty seven and he had no weapons he was dressed in royal armor and a cape.

    “Don’t talk to us like you’re our friend” yelled Vice

    “Oh a bit feisty aren’t we well no matter I’ve been watching you three ever since I killed your families you all trained under master Tai and then he died” replied Lear “ but before I kill you I need to test you”
    Three guards come out

    “Kill them” said Lear

    Luneth Viral and Vice draw there weapons and the guards run at them. Luneth with one swing of his scythe cuts the first guard in half. Vice with his twin swords at hand spins and cuts the second guard’s chest and neck and then stabs the guard in the face. Viral jumps and stabs the top of the guard’s head and pulls the sword out of his face.

    Lear clapping “well done now I’m impressed “

    “You wont like that when were doing that to you” said Vice

    Lear broke an evil smile “He he he he he he. You think you can beat me and my unstoppable copy power”

    ‘I know we can beat you. And your lame powers” replied Vice

    “Why you cocky little brat!” Yelled Lear
    Then he pulled out of thin air Luneth’s scythe and Viral’s long sword.

    “What did you ju. Ugh” Vice had the scythe in his chest

    “Vice No!” said Luneth in rage
    “Luneth Viral…. Don’t die.” Vice said as Lear pulled the scythe from his chest
    “I’m gonna kill you Lear. Viral let’s go!” said Luneth

    Viral and Luneth ran at Lear and viral jumped over him and then Luneth and Viral both started swinging there weapons and Lear pulled our Vices twin swords and blocked every attack.

    “My turn” Lear said with and evil smile

    He kicked Viral and turned his attention towards Luneth and stared swinging madly. Luneth blocked all of Lear’s attacks by spinning his scythe until Lear stabbed toward Luneth’s hands making the scythe fly out of his hands. Lear had the swords at Luneth’s neck and stomach and said. “Any last words?”

    “Yes, Viral go run away get out of here, don’t die here today, please I beg of you.” Said Luneth

    “No’ I can’t just leave not after what is gonna happen to you” he replied

    “I see.”Luneth said and with those words Lear swung and killed Luneth
    Viral stared walking and grabbed Vice’s twin swords and put them at his side and took Luneth’s scythe and put it on his back and walked over to Lear and Pulled out his Long sword.

    “You are gonna fight me alone?” Lear said
    “No not as long as I have these weapons im not alone!” said Viral crying

    Viral drew his sword and ran at Lear and Lear pulled out the twin swords and jumped over Viral and Viral kicked Lear back and pulled the scythe off his back and threw it with all his might. It hit Lear in the stomach and the scythe hit the wall pinning Lear between a wall and the scythe.

    “Now im gonna make you feel what I felt for two years!” said Viral

    Viral picked up his Long Sword and pulled out the twin swords and then he said “This is for Vice” he cut Lear’s legs off. “This is for Luneth” and he cut both his arms off. “This is for my home town” he cut his eyes out. “And this is for letting me live with this burden” he took out his long sword and stabbed him in the chest. And then he walked away and collapsed but a man came up to him helped him up and yelled “ALL HAIL KING VIRAL”

    The next day he was sitting on the throne with the four weapons at his side and said “Was all this really worth it?”

    By Jordan Bellanger