• The girl with white hair walked past me and Kit. "I see. Nice to meet you. Though it wasn't a very normal way of meeting a new few new members... But what are you going to do, huh? We can't go back in time." She says sitting next to Kallie.
    I turned around and sat in front of the table, Kit did the same.
    She smiled. "I don't mind you two being homosexual, but could you guys wait to go into the bedroom before ripping your kimono's off?"
    Me and Kit nodded. We couldn't say anything, we were captivated by the way she looked, the color of her hair, eyes, and the way it seemed like she was floating over floor.
    Kallie smiled and pointed to the new guest. "This is Kai. She's one of the horiscope members. One of the only girls so far too."
    Me and Kit nodded again.
    Kai looked up at us and narrowed her light blue eyes. "I thought the cat and dog were supposed to hate each other." She say's leaning on her arm that rested on the wood table.
    I blinked. "Oh... Yeah... We did at first. But then we sort of changed our minds." I shrugged.
    She leaned back and tilted her head back as if curious about something. "How long ago did you guys start to like each other?"
    Kit shrugged. "Maybe a week or so ago... Well, that's when I started to like him, but it took a day longer for him to start liking me back." Kit says pointing at me.
    I nodded. "Yeah. I thought it was weird that the cat and dog would be able to like each other and when their guys too."
    She smiled. "Well, I'm glad it worked out for you two. I wish something so magical would happen to me." She says still smiling.
    I knew she was smiling and acting cheerful, but inside I knew she was really sad and hurt for some reason. No one would smile like that when talking about being alone and wishing for love to come and save them. I nodded. "I hope you find someone that cares for you, Kai."
    She bows her head and giggles. "Thank you."
    Kallie laughed. "Maybe Aiya will like you, Kai."
    Kai hung her head and she seemed to grow a dark aura around her.
    I looked at Kallie. "Who's Aiya?"
    Kallie grinned. "You'll just have to meet him and find out."
    Kit's head perked up. "Him? It's a boy?"
    Kai nodded and looked up at me. "He's a stuck up little d*** head."
    "Oi! Kai-chan~! You left your scale shaving in the tub again! Do you know how disgusting that is!?" Roared a voice from the door.
    I turned around.
    The door opened and reavealed a boy with orange hair that was dyed with black strips in it. "Did you hear me!?" He boomed.
    I blinked at him. "That's Aiya?" I ask pointing at him.
    He looked down at me. "Who are you?"
    I ignored his rudeness and smiled. "I'm the new member of the horiscope clan."
    He pointed at Kit. "And you?"
    He waved. "I'm Kit. The cat."
    Aiya waved back half heartedly. "Hey."
    Kai growled at him, darker and more powerful then I have ever heard from either me or Kit. She was obviously a big animal in the horiscope. "You are so annoying."
    Maybe I should get me and Kit out of the way just in case these two start fighting...
    Aiya laughed. "I'm annoying? Please. You are much more troublesome then I am, you lizard."
    She threw her fist down on the table and stood up. "Shut up, you stupid fur ball!" She burst.
    I leaned into Kit's ear. "I think we should get out of the line of fire before they start going at each other." I whisper.
    Kit nodded and we stood up, getting away before they got really into their fight.
    We sat near Kallie and Kyle.
    Kyle sighed. "Here they go again."
    I looked at him. "So... What animals are they?"
    Kyle smiled. "The Dragon and the Tiger. They have been fighting for millions of years and none of them have ever won. They have always had an even match."
    I nodded. "I see..."
    So like that really old saying. I don't remember it, but it says that they Tiger and Dragon are equal matches for each other or something like that... I'm not sure.
    Kit hugged my arm. "I'm glad we don't fight like that."
    I smiled and put my head on his. "I know. That would be a big waste of time that I could actually hugging and holding you."
    Kit swooned and put his head in my lap. "Aw."
    Kallie shreiked. "Kya~!"
    Kit reached up and put his hand on my cheek. "Look at me like you did last night, love."
    I smiled and leaned down, kissing him softly.
    The Tiger and Dragon started yelling at each other, but I ignored them, just like Kit was.
    Kallie covered her nose and her eyes filled with tears of joy.
    Kit kissed me back and ran his tongue over my lips.
    I chuckled and bit his warm wet tongue between my teeth.
    He grinned and moved his head so it would brush against my d***.
    I gasped and released his tongue.
    He chuckled and kissed me again.
    Between kisses I said, "Cheater."
    He grinned and kissed me again. "Who said there were any rules?"
    I smiled and kissed his roughly.
    Kallie went 'poof' and sighed contently. "God I love yaoi."
    I grinned at what she said and ran my own tongue along his lower lip.
    Kit put both his hands on my cheeks and lurred me closer to his face.
    I waited for him to do something.
    He moved his head again and grinned.
    I held in a groan and bit my lip. "D*** it, Kit. Wait till we have something to eat." I hiss.
    He chuckled and kissed me. "I can't it's taking too long."
    Kallie melted to the floor and squeeled. "I can't take it anymore! I'm going to explode!"
    Kyle sighed. "There she goes again. And I thought she was annoying last night when you two were making those noises..."
    I sighed and pulled away from Kit. "I think we should wait till everyone's away, Kit. So we don't cause anymore trouble."
    He pouted. "But I don't wanna. I want you now."
    I smiled and kissed him. "Just wait alittle while longer. We'll be alone soon enough."
    The door opened and everyone went quiet.
    Kai and Aiya sat down next to each other.
    Kallie and Kyle went quiet too, they just sat and kept their head down.
    I looked up and saw the p***k walking in with his colorful kimono dragging on floor.
    Kit sat up and when he saw him his face went white.
    The pricks eyes were black and his face covered in bruises.
    Kallie looked up at him and blinked in shock. "Wha...?"
    I smiled. "Good morning."
    He looked at me from the corner of his eye and then looked away.
    Kit looked up at me in shock. "Did you do that?"
    I nodded and kissed him. "D*** right I did."
    Kit swallowed and seemed worried.
    I put my hand on his neck and nuzzled his cheek. "Calm down, Kit. He won't hurt you anymore. I'll make sure of it." I whisper.
    The tall man that seemed to be the pricks body guard came in and glared at me.
    I smiled at him. "Morning."
    The p***k sat down at the head of the table and put his head on his balled up fist resting on the table. "It would have been a pleasent morning if I would have been able to go to sleep."
    I grinned. "Were me and Kit keeping you up?"
    He rolled his eyes.
    I chuckled and kissed Kit's forehead.
    The tall man sat behind the p***k and looked at the floor.
    Everyone seemed to be staring at me in shock or awe.
    Especially Kai, she seemed to be unable to breathe and her jaw was closer to the floor then the table was.
    Kit sat up and and looked at the p***k. "Uhm..."
    The p***k looked at him with hatred in his eyes.
    Kit sank back and his face went ghost white. "I'm sorry if we kept you up, sir."
    I blinked at Kit.
    What was he apologising for?
    The p***k looked away from him, not seeming to care about his apology.
    I glared at the p***k. "Did you hear him!? He was trying to be nice! The least you could do is say something!"
    The p***k shrugged. "Fine."
    I growled.
    Kit grabbed my hand and smiled at me. "It's okay. He doesn't have to say anything. I just want him to know I didn't mean to keep anyone up."
    I looked away from Kit, trying to keep from getting mad Kit for my own stupid anger. "You shouldn't care about him. He's just full of himself." I growl.
    The body guard didn't say anything or stand up for his master.
    The p***k smiled. "I'm full of myself? Look who's talking."
    I looked at him. "Yeah. And what do you mean 'look who's talking?"
    He chuckled. "I mean, you always think your so tough and like the world should revolve around you and your pet."
    I shrugged. "At least I have someone that loves me, unlike you, you p***k."
    He looked at me with anger in his dark eyes again.
    I smiled. "What? Did I hit a soft spot?"
    He looked at Kit and narrowed his eyes.
    I growled at him. "I dare you to say something to him again, p***k. I'll give you a beating again. And this time I won't let your body guard stop me."
    He looked away and seemed to want to kill me right then and there.
    Go ahead and try to kill me, a**hole.
    Kit squeezed my hand and nuzzled my neck. "I don't think you should say that stuff to him. You could get in real trouble, you know..."
    I chuckled and put my arm around his neck. "It's okay, Kit. He wouldn't hurt me. He knows he would lose in the end."
    The door that led to the kitchen opened and waitresses walked in with trays of food in their arms.
    I smiled at them.
    Kit's stomach growled.
    I chuckled and kissed his cheek. "Happy we didn't leave to go fool around before the food came?"
    He nodded and drool came down from his lips.
    I picked up and napkin and whiped it away. "You are such a goof ball."
    A woman set me and Kit's food down in front of us and bowed her head before walking away.
    I took off the lid to my food and felt my stomach rumble.
    There was rise, rise balls and red fish that some kind of white dressing on it.
    I picked up my chopsticks and started to eat.
    The group of people gasped.
    I looked up with rise in the corners of my mouth. "What?"
    The p***k sighed and took off the lid of his food.
    Kallie leaned in. "You are supposed to wait until the head of the household has eaten before you get to eat."
    I shrugged and took another bite. "I would care?"
    Kit waited though, he seemed to want to be on the pricks good side for some reason.
    I licked my lips and saw that the p***k and everyone else was eating now, it had been maybe three minutes, and I was already close to done.
    Kit looked at me and smiled. "Is it good?"
    I nodded. "Yeah."
    "I think so too." He said taking a bite.
    Everyone was rather quiet for some reason, no doubt it was because the p***k was around.
    So when me and Kit were talking it seemed rather annoying to have everyone able to hear us.
    I sighed and started eating again.
    The p***k pushed his plate away. "I'm done." He called.
    A woman came running in and took his plate away, not looking up or at him the whole time, keeping her eyes down.
    Gee... They must have really strict rules with stuff like that...
    The p***k stood up and started for the door, "Hope I don't see your pet alone anytime, dog. I don't know if I'll be able to keep from hurting him."
    I growled at the p***k. "If you dare touch him I'll make you wish you were never born, p***k."
    He walked out the door and his body guard followed behind him.
    I smirked. "Douche bag."
    Everyone laughed once the coast was clear and you couldnt hear the pricks footsteps anymore.
    I looked at them confused. "What? What's so funny?"
    Kai pointed at me. "You. I can't believe you actually stood up to him like that! No one has dared even glare at him before!"
    I blinked. "Really? Oh... Well... I mean... I just don't like people making fun of Kit in front of me. It really p***** me off."
    Everyone grinned. "I guess so." Aiya said taking a bite of his rice ball.
    Kit nuzzled my shoulder and purred. "Aw. I feel so safe with you, puppers."
    I grined and kissed his hair. "Thanks, kitty." I tease.