• And I grabbed his hand, in my mind I knew we would never get torn apart. Although, the fact that I saw his face smile, made me happy, but really inside I was scared to lose this preety face. Scared to get my heart broken for the first time ever in my life. Being so young, I was afraid. Every time he passed by, my heart would skip a beat. Every time he smiled, my breath got taken away. I didn't know why I felt this way, or why I was in love at a young age. I had so much life ahead of me, and it was only the beginning of the year.
    Months past, and we smiled, giggled, laughed, and loved. I was happy with life, and happy with my friends. But love does not last, when people try tearing you apart from the one you love the most. I was fighting then just to stay happy, but failed. We had torn apart, and my heart had been dropped into the ground, and no one cared to fix it...or even pick it up. Valentines Day came up, and I was lonely, sad, and desperate to see his face again.
    We never really talked anymore, and he had other important things to do. And still, I sit in the dark, and very few minutes I look in the driveway to see if he was coming up, but no, it will never be the same. And I have the whole year ahead of me. Lord please, rewind time. Rewind it back to the happy days.