• Sky was padding around her territory when she heard a familiar battle cry. Shadow. Sky looked all around and finally spotted the black and green wolf stalking toward her. She noticed a few other unfamiliar pelts with him. Sky's pelt prickled and she fluffed up. She bared her teeth.
    "What do you want Shadow!? Leave me alone! Just because your not rare anymore doesn't mean you need to harm those who are! So go to your own territory!"
    It wasn't that Sky was scared it was that he was becoming a real deer-brain. He thought he could beat her. He was wrong. No matter how many wolves he had to defend him, he wasn't hiding from Sky. Shadow growled.
    "This should not be the forest you lay your paws on. This is MY forest not yours MINE. Either you get out, or we kill you."
    Sky growled and made a biting sound with her teeth.
    "I thought it was only going to be YOU trying to kill me Shadow."
    Sky barked. Shadow took a step forward and barked,
    "Well now it's WE."
    Before Shadow could give the call to attack Sky pounced and landed on Shadows back. She bit into his neck but felt claws down her flank. She let go and turned on the wolf getting it in the muzzle near it's eyes. The wolf darted away. Sky turned and before she could act a strong blow to the muzzle knocked her down. She looked up to see a pure white wolf with baring fangs looking down at her. She growled and swiped a claw over his ear. The wolf growled and went to bite Sky in the throat. She rolled away, got up and jumped on the wolf. The wolf tried to throw her off but she held on to it's neck pretty hard. She only let go when she felt a stinging bite in her tail. She pounced off and whirled around. She growled fiercely while hearing the wolf run she was just on.
    "Just leave now while you have the chance Shadow. It's no use."
    Sky barked. Her flanks heaving she wished she could lay down and rest with some poppy seeds but the battle was not finished.
    "No. Why don't YOU leave while you have the chance."
    Sky growled. Before she could pounce on him another familiar battle cry rang out along with an unfamiliar one. Melody and Night! Melody landed on a black wolf while Night had scored a blow across Shadows muzzle. Sky collapsed, and watched the battle. While she was resting she got more strength. Shadow darted at Night and pinned him down, getting a hold of his neck. Melody was too busy battling the mean black wolf to notice. Sky shot up and pounced, knocking Shadow off Night, and pinned him down.
    "How do you like it deer-brain."
    Sky bit down on Shadow's neck as hard as she could. She could taste the blood in her mouth.
    Melody howled. Sky had just looked up to see the black wolf hurtling toward her. Before she could move it had her pinned.
    "Get off my leader you stupid fur-ball!"
    The wolf went for her neck but Sky went for his at the same time. Instead of Sky grabbing his neck she grabbed his muzzle and closed it shut.
    "This is what you get for messing with my friend!"
    Melody howled again. She came hurtling over. Sky held on to his muzzle as hard as she could. Melody slammed into the side of the black wolf making Sky let go on her grip, and slammed him down to the ground. The wolf was out cold.
    "Thanks Melody. And you to Night."
    Sky nodded her thanks and limped of into the bushes and found some poppy seeds, and some other herbs for her cuts. She limped back and sat down.
    "Do you mind helping me with these?"
    Melody nodded, and did as Sky said, and applied the herbs.
    "I think our battle training is over Sky."
    Sky curled her tail in amusement and led the way back to her cave.