• Packs:

    Silver Stars:
    Second in Command: Daytino
    Leader of the Hunt: Sayormi
    Main Scout: Dimi
    Medicine Wolf: Long Feather
    Mothers: Shiara, Anna, Kara, Nannily, Somira
    Pups: Cilica, Donte, Simora, Erin, Ra, Tintami
    Banished: Red, Tera
    Scouts: Kimico, Naida, Doran, Sicl
    Hunters: Kytora, Gehtayo, Nysolita, Towayli

    Black Fang:
    Alpha: Silver Moon
    Second in Command: Nane
    Leader of the Hunt: Rin
    Main Scout: Keirra
    Medicine Wolf: Ivy, Taji
    Mothers: Zakuro, Aya, Dusk Dawn
    Pups: Shiro, Suke, Kai
    Banished: Moon
    Scouts: Dusk, Dawn
    Hunters: Ace, Ren, Tye, Jay


    Name: Silver Moon
    Race: Wolf
    Clan: Black Fang
    Position: Alpha
    Personality: Normally happy and chipper. But very serious when it comes to hunting.

    Name: Midnight
    Race: Wolf
    Clan: Silver Stars
    Position: Leader, Alpha
    Personality: Calm, smart, and cunning

    Name: Ichigo Mori
    Race: Human
    Town: Forest Town
    Position: Hunter
    Personality: Happy, always up for an adventure.

    Name: Akihiko Mori
    Race: Human
    Town: Forest Town
    Position: High seat in political power
    Personality: Very smart, slightly evil in ways, calm.


    Once, a great time away, the forest we lived in was beautiful. Tress grew for miles, rivers flowed, hunting was good.
    Packs would run wild for as many miles as the trees would. Everything was lush and plentiful. Never a single fight over food, or anything for that matter. Only for Alpha rights, and even they were harmless.
    However, things didn't stay that way. Humans moved in.
    Cutting down our trees, and killing everything the saw.
    Making settlements.
    And worst of all, killing every pack.
    Aside from these who were the strongest, or smartest. Only two packs remain in the small forest we call home.
    And really,life sucks. Always a fight over food, never any room for the weak or sick. We lost great pack members simply because they weren't strong enough to fight the humans. The either died or we had to leave them behind.
    Every animal in the forest is not well off. If humans keep this up, nothing and no one will live. So we have to stop them. Both packs working as one.
    However, this will be extremely difficult. Both packs have always fought. Even when fighting wasn't necessary.
    So to sum it up? Everything about this sucks. The state of the forest and our plan.

    "Sit still, my lovely pups. And I shall tell you the story." -Me. heart