• A New Beginning

    As the team of 3 look for the way out of the vast jungle, to get to the field of ice, they come across a barrier seal to keep people away.

    "Dang-it we were so close" shouted Tundra

    "Well I’m not turning back" Said Spark

    "Why we can't get past it" Said Gust

    "just watch" Said Spark

    And the ninja having seen the seal he went up to a tree and the tree started to look as if it was breaking apart, and, with that the barrier was gone

    "to easy! lets go!"

    "sorry did you say something Tundra"

    "aren’t you two wondering what it was that easy?" said Tundra

    "you should be use to that by now Tundra"

    "just don't get yourself killed Spark and that goes for you too Gust" said Tundra

    And they head into the Giant Field of ice but they didn't know that as they were getting closer to were they were heading was just going to get harder! As they got closer and closer to the Temple of Ice the snow that was falling from the sky was getting thicker and thicker and faster and faster until all they could see was white!

    Out of no where Tundra shouted "EVERYONE STOP"

    "What, what Tundra" said Spark

    "Yah what" Said Gust

    "There is a pit surrounding the temple" said Tundra

    "How do you know this?" the other to said together

    "Remember I have fire based chakra and I’m using it to melt the snow. Only thing is I can only melt snow up to three feat ahead of my face” answer Tundra

    "Okay so we will have to follow you" said Gust

    "Correct Gust"

    Now knowing that Tundra can see they start to follow behind him and they arrive to the Temple, but that was the easy part! The hard part is going to be what lies within the temple.

    Having entered the temple Tundra started getting worried and started thinking more about what is going on

    "Don't stop moving at all; this is an ice temple so we might freeze to death in here so keep moving at all times!" Tundra shouted at the other two

    "Well the best way to keep moving is to walk so lets see if we can find what we came for"

    "Yah" said Tundra and Gust

    Having taken Tundra the three moved through the passages of the temple coming to many dead ends and many trap rooms but they finally came to a room mentioned in the

    "We better not cross the bridge I think that it is going to fall if we use it" stated Tundra

    "Then how are we going to get over to the other side?" said Spark

    "We cross here" Tundra said pointing at a small ledge

    "I’m not crossing that" said spark

    "Then stay and freeze" Tundra barked at Spark

    "Ok I’ll come"

    With that over the three made there way over the ledge and made it to the other side of the endless pit and got to the highest point of the Temple!

    "THERE IT IS" shouted Spark while running at towards a object sitting on a pillar


    "Okay" said spark and he makes a close to get the object and throw it to tundra

    "Good lets go before..." Before Tundra could finish what he was saying the ground started to shake and the pillar and the area around it was sinking into the ground and something was coming from below

    "RUN, NOW" shouted Tundra while a giant frozen snake begin to come form the newly made hole

    The three run and got back to the room with the bridge was and they began to run across when the bridge began to fall and Spark had been in the back and was starting to fall behind.

    "Hurry up spark" said Gust

    "I am" said spark

    But before spark could do anything the bridge was starting to fall and spark was on the peace that was falling. Spark fell to his death
    "NOOOOOOO!" Shouted Gust

    "Don't stop I don't want to lose both of you" said Tundra crying

    "We must return to the volcano village to tell what happened" said Gust also crying as Tundra put his arm over Gust’s shoulder and they headed home.