• They say that true love conquers all. I can't really see how that's true. My feelings for Ichigo are so strong, it has to be love. True love. And when I saw him kissing Rukia I felt like a part of my chest had been ripped away. I've always envied her. She's so real, kind, beautiful and always with Ichigo. Rukia just has that control over him, to make him do whatever it is she wants him to. And that look in his eyes when he sees her. . . I guess I kinda knew that he always loved her. And she loves him, a part of my mind whispered.
    I felt a tear fall onto my cheek. Quickly, I wiped it away. No, you have to be strong this time. So no more crying, that's only surrenderring to the heart. Even if you can't be strong for Ichigo, be strong for yourself. Yeah, for myself.
    But then my mind flashed back two hours earlier. I walked in the classroom when I forgot the book I was reading, and I saw them. His hands were wrapped around her small waist, and her's around his shoulders.Their lips were put together in what seemed like an unbreakable kiss. When I saw that. . . I guess I lost control. I turned and ran down the hallway, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. Forgetting my book, I ran home.
    The memory was playing repeatedly in my head, until I broke. The tears were flowing freely now. Rushing over cheeks that were almost the color of my sunset hair.
    Knock, knock.
    Who. . .? Wiping my cheeks, I stood and walked to the door. I opened it slowly, not wanting to be bothered. But when it was fully open, there stood Tatsuki.
    "Tatsuki! What a surprise! Come inside!" I quickly twisted my face into a smile. She walked in slowly, a worried look on her heart shaped face.
    "What. . . brings you here?" I added with a small laugh, sitting on the sofa.
    " You don't have to pretend you're not bothered by what you saw," she said with a concerned look in her eyes.
    "How do you know about that?" I asked very quietly. I felt the urge to cry again, but I blinked back the tears.
    " I saw it, too ya know. Well, after you did. I was standing in the hallway right behind you.I just wanted to make sure you were okay." She replied, looking down at the ground. She walked over to where I was sitting. She was right behind me? I was so surprised I didn't even notice her. . .
    " I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me," I said, a genuine smile creeping onto my face.
    " I know how you get. And I know you're upset," she said gently. Of course she does, Tatsuki always knows everything. She always has, it's just a gift.
    "Orihime, I want you to know that I'm here for you. Ichigo, he knew that you loved him but he just didn't return the feelings. So forget about him. And Rukia. She knew, too. More than anyone else, she knew of your feelings for him." She's right, I couldn't help but think. But I can't blame them. They were happy, so I should be too. They are my friends, right?
    "Tatsuki, you always know. How is that?" I asked, trying to keep my head from exploding.
    "You're just easy to read," she smiled softly, tilting her head to the side. "And just so you know, it doesn't make you weak to cry. Sometimes crying is a good thing, you just need to let it all out."
    As soon as she said that, the tears were released. I was sobbing like a pitiful child, my face burried in Tatsuki's shoulder. I wept all night, and Tatsuki was always by my side. Even at school she was more protective than usual. We went out every night for dinner and a fun activity like bowling or a movie to help keep my mind off things. I still talked to Ichigo and Rukia, and I didn't feel like running home to hide. In fact, I felt happier than ever. And it was all because of Tatsuki.