• mom did you know i loved you
    mom why did you have to go
    i remember that day when i came home
    i found you lying so still in your bed
    i asked mom are you ok? at first i thought you were dead
    i left and said good bye i said i love you too
    but as i returned later that night i found something wrong
    we took you to the hospital thats when it all began you had cancer and a stroke
    i thought could this be your end

    a few months passed i visited you every day in the hospital
    finally december rolled in it was the 13th
    i was in 6th grade doing my work when unexpectedly they called me to the front office
    grandma was there she said we are going to the hospital early
    i asked why and got no answer
    when i got there mom you were laying there in the hospital bed
    then they sat me down and said you were not going to live over night
    i cried..
    you asked is it ok if i leave now honey
    i said mom i wish you would not go but if its your time then so be it i will miss you terribly
    it soon became the 14 i was asleep for an hour but they awoke me and said theres not much time left..i sat up and looked at you..you asked me to sing you a few last songs so you could hear my voice so i did on the last word you died..you had slipped away from this world to better higher places..at first i was in shock and stood there in silence as i watched the family cry..then i yelled why did you go i have no mom any more im all alone..that night i went home i slept but i left the light on for you to come home..you never did..i still miss you to this day and i know your not comeing back but i guess its just a part of life that i have to live with.. i never got to say goodbye before so i say it now..good bye mom rest in peace..i♥you