• The atmosphere seemed quite humid within the dense forest and the only source of light was that of a small beam of sunlight upon the horizon. Walking silently through the flora, I was holding the only memory of my past. My pale face made it completely possible to read my expression through the darkness and my deep violet hair swayed slightly among the dim breeze that flew by. My lips parted from each other momentarily as I exhaled before I came to an abrupt halt. The feeling of a nearby being caught my attention, causing me to be fairly on guard as I stood statue like in silence. That’s where everything started… I could’ve prevented it, if only I just turned away.
    A young boy, whistled cheerfully along with the enchanting sounds of nature, a sweet melody able to take all your worries away. I felt my muscles relaxing, my mind hypnotised by the sweet sound coming from his lips. My surroundings seemed to no longer exist, as I gazed at the boy, lost in thought. His head raised slowly, as he looked at me with a surprised expression.
    ‘’ Uh..Hi…’’ For a second or two my lips remained closed whilst I observed the vanity displayed by the blonde boy before me.
    He seemed extremely beautiful and rather nice but for some reason there was something that made me feel a little defensive towards him.
    ‘’ Hey...Yuuki.. ‘’ His voice trailed off as he mentioned my name, causing me to lose my current thoughts. Blonde hair swayed gracefully in the wind as he made his way towards me. Momentarily, this new urge of hugging him tightly appeared, my arms shaking slightly as I tried to control them. Through my mind, violent thoughts rummaged as I silently wondered how he knew my name.
    His frozen hand touching my warm skin…All I can say, everything lost itself in a mist of unknown memories.