• you are my step sister
    and your the one i hate the most
    i once thought w would get along
    but apparaently i was wrong
    i had loved you with all my heart but that is over now
    sometimes i wish you would just leave but i dont know how
    you should go far away
    so mabey i will have a better day
    once i thought to myself i could grab you by the neck
    espically when you said i was a wreck
    all those times you hurt me so bad i wanted to cry
    i wished you would fall in a hole and die
    but unfortuneately im stuck here with you
    just until me or you move out then im through
    i hope to never see you again
    your ugly freckled face
    all that you are to me is a big disgrace
    so from here i say just to go and never return
    just another thing about me in life you will never learn