• Today was an odd day, let me tell you that. I'll start by telling you the important events of this peculiar day. It all started around midday, it was humid outdoors and I was taking a walk, minding my own business when I heard a familiar voice. I pivoted ninety-degrees to my right and there was Holly and an acquaintance of hers, apparently having a conversation prior to her calling. She beckoned me over, so I beamed an approving smile at her and accepted her invitation, there was only a road in between me and her, so I decided it wouldn't side-track me too much but I was wrong. We stood there mindlessly chatting about practically nothing for roughly an hour and a half, when her friend had to leave. So it was just me and her, alone.
    "How have yo---" I began to ask, before I was swiftly embraced, a combination of a tackle and a hug. I'd been away for so long, apparently, although seemingly to myself I had been away for no more than a week...
    "I've missed you so much!" She replied, her tone of voice was soft and so adorable. She didn't show this side of herself very often.

    A few minutes were spent in this state, believe it or not I was on the floor, and she was atop me, her head resting on my shoulder. Her light blond hair blew in the wind, which seemed to come and go as it pleased, a little like me in that sense. As she stared into my brown eyes, I stared back into her beautiful blue eyes. It felt like some nirvana, in which we'd both left the world and escaped far into the invisible distance, past the clouds. As we both came back into contact with reality, we both realized we were still in the street and she hastily retreated, standing up, brushing herself off and blushing; her face had became as red as a cherry. She held out a hand, to aid my recovery and I accepted it, combining both our strengths to pull me upwards, back onto my feet.
    "I'm sorry, I got a little caught up..." She apologized. She was so adorable when she was apologizing, it just made my smile grow wider.
    "It's fine. I didn't mind it." I replied in a joyful tone, and winked at her, slyly; this made her blush even more.

    I rolled back my sleeve and looked at the watch on my right wrist, the time always goes so fast when I'm with her, in the best way possible, y'know. Unfortunately, I had to be somewhere at this point in time, so I'd be late... It didn't bother me though, and I was going to make her feel guilty over this.
    "Well, I should be going now, places to be..." I trailed off towards the end. Wrapping my arms around her mid-section, I pulled her in close. She kissed me on the cheek lightly and smiled, which, in turn, made me smile back. I don't know what did it, but whenever she was happy, so was I. Then, we parted.

    I was ideally supposed to be at 'work'... My mom had called me in to take care of some matters, she said they weren't that urgent but I should be there by 4:30PM. It was now four o'clock and it took me forty-five minutes from where I was at this point in time to jog to the center, I decided to do so and not keep her waiting too long. Let me tell you now, my mother was such a... b***h to me in the past and I didn't exactly want to do this for her. I'd much rather be out with my friends or Holly.

    The day at work passed in, what had seemed like no more than five minutes. It was damn busy, rest assured. But I didn't get much of the hustle-and-bustle, luckily. Although I did get swarmed with paperwork, I flew through it while thinking back to my encounter with Holly prior to this. I was now walking back home, free of all restrictions, I could now just take my time and pace myself. Yeah, I was tired at this point in time. I kept on, step after step but I had my chin up and my gaze was fixed on the now blue sky, I was examining it thoroughly, until my chest was hit with a sharp pain, followed by a thump and a soft whimper of pain... Two to be exact. One was mine, the other being a more feminine sounding cry of shock. I tore my gaze from the sea of blue overhead and moved my eyes to the ground, a girl, about my age, on her hands and knees with a tear running down her cheek. I bent my knees and squatted down, unconsciously raising an eyebrow, curious of what I'd done. I examined her a little more closely, and caught sight of a large gash on her knee, now it was apparent to me I'd knocked her over which brought me down from my state of joy.
    "Are you okay?" I inquired, my tone of voice was now apologetic and soft. Her head slowly moved up, her eyes meeting mine. They were full of liquid pain and mine, full of guilt and sorrow.
    "I'm... Fine." She managed to whimper. She wasn't able to speak clearly, as you can't when you're crying and meaning it. It was obvious to me that she wasn't okay and that she wasn't telling me the truth but since I had caused this, I decided I'd better stay than take off.
    "I'm sorry, is there anything I can do to help?" I asked her, my tone of voice remained the same.
    "I'd like you to return to my house with me." She replied, weakly smiling at me.
    Now I'd felt so uncomfortable at her request but I felt so compelled to oblige. I slowly nodded at her and her smile grew.

    The weather was perfect now, no sign of cloud or rain and there was a light breeze every so often. It was roughly 5:45PM and I had lost track of time, once again but I had promised Holly I'd meet her at six o'clock.

    I took the girl arm and lightly placed it over my left shoulder, using my other to hold her back and help her up, from the heap on the floor. She accepted it and I slowly brought her to her feet. She wobbled her knees and her body was intent of taking to the floor again, but I refused to allow it. She kissed me on the cheek, making me want to turn back and return a kiss.

    "Will you please... Help me?" She whined, softly. Thoughts began crossing my mind as I gazed into her green eyes, she leaned in to kiss me again and I yanked my head back a little, my brown locks of hair covering my eyes momentarily.

    Then, a voice boomed across the street and echoed, loudly. It sounded somewhat familiar but I couldn't make out the words, but the stranger in my arms obviously did, because she tore herself away from me and bolted, even with her leg in that condition. She lied to me and tried to play me, I'd only just realized that when I heard quick footsteps toward me. I guided my hair to the left side of my forehead and moments after I felt a sharp pain across my right cheek, my head jerked to the left.
    "Were you really considering it?" A muffled feminine voice asked, as if she was struggling to get the words out of her mouth. I knew for a fact who it was. I turned my head to her and I was right, it was Holly. And she'd heard everything, due the tears streaming down her face, I'd been lead to believe she thought I'd cheat on her...

    I leaned in towards her and she shoved me back with all her strength, yelling for me to back off. I stumbled and tripped about ten paces backwards and regained my balance. I look at her, now my eyes welling with tears, I tried holding them back desperately. She saw this and dived at me.
    "I'm so sorry!" She whimpered, the tears flowed faster down her face as she closed in toward me. No-one had ever seen me cry before, not once... She meant so much to me, and if I'd lost her I'd be lost myself. We'd been together for four years now and had been friends from the beginning of time, as it felt. We shared so many memories and I wanted to have so many more with her, I knew she felt the same way about me.

    Holly embraced me, pulling me in close as possible and squeezing me tightly, showing that she didn't want be apart. She loosened her grip, our faces both in the same state, tears flowing like rivers.
    "That girl, then... Please don't talk to her..." She began to speak, cutting off every so often with a sniffle or deep breath. "She's so seductive... I don't want her to take you from me..." She continued, "She's a slu---" Her words were cut off by my lips locking with hers. I just couldn't resist it, she was so cute up close and even more so when she was declaring her love for me. Although it was so sudden, it didn't catch her off guard, instead she caught me off guard, as it was. Her tongue pierced my lips, making me blush heavily, but I didn't pull away, instead I entwined mine with hers, and our eyes both lit up with ecstasy. My eyelids drooped as I stared deep into her eyes and they did the same. We carried on the kiss and eventually both of us ended up shutting our eyes. We had done it once again, forgotten we were in the street and flew high as a kite together. This was the best kiss we'd ever had and we both wished for more of them, I could feel it.
    Ten minutes passed and we still couldn't pull our selves away. It's be like ripping apart a brick wall with your bare hands...

    This state broke when I rebelliously tore myself away from her. She looked at me, puzzled and I gave her a funny look back. The tears had stopped completely, and there was no sign that either of us had been crying, previously. In fact, we both wore red highlights on our faces. She leaned forward again, I had to refrain from the eager temptation to show my unending affection for her. As he grasped my hand, she yanked me toward her.
    "Let's go home, baby." She said, eagerly. Now more than ever I felt obliged to comply. I began to walk at a slow pace, aside her. Nothing could tear me from this new state of high, I just felt so full of joy, as did she. I set the pace for us two, and we dawdled back to her house for the evening. As she went upstairs to have a shower, I had set up a small table in the kitchen, linen table cloth and candles. I didn't know for sure her mom would like me doing so but I did it anyway. I just hoped she wouldn't object me and Holly being together but I also didn't think it was a problem, because I had been coming to her house at least once a week, if not more. We, typically had spaghetti and yes, we did pick out the same noodle and end up kissing in the middle, not as passionately as before but coming ever so close to it. Afterward, I settled down with Holly, readying myself for the unknown events tomorrow would bring...

    That day brought me and Holly together so much more, as you could imagine. Nothing could tear us apart or break our love for each other, it'd even persist through death and the happenings after wards. I felt so content and complete, it didn't feel as if I was on Earth, rather I was in heaven if there was ever such a thing.