• “What? Who did you hit?” Carter was asking as soothing as a man could. I sat down and wiped my face with my hands looking up, “Jayne.”

    The next thing I knew my back was slammed against a wall and Carter was glaring at me, “Dane, we can’t go through this, again. Clean your act up. Last time you nearly killed Lauren. Get help.”
    “I know!” I felt the anger boiling, “Do you think I would have told you if I wanted to get lectured!”
    I felt the beast breaking the sense of morals was slowly disappearing. Carter roughly grabbed my arm, “Aiden! Get out here!”
    I was shoved into a room dark were I hit a cold hard wall before hearing Aiden, “Is he loosing control?”
    “Yes, now help me chain him.” I snarled at this, “Fine. Let’s go.”
    I was picked up and arms chained to the wall.
    My head was shoved against the wall and I blacked out.

    Jayne’s Pov.

    I jolted up right and immediately regretted it. The pain shot through me like a bolt of lightening, I fell back but hurried to get up. I grabbed my jacket and hurried in pain to Carter’s house. I knock rapidly. I looked down at my watch that read two ten in the morning. I had been asleep for almost the whole day. I heard a gasp and the owner was Carter, his hand reached to my face making me flinch back, “Jayne, I need to talk to you. You see Carter, he has sever anger issues from well some of us, cross breeds, have issues. If he doesn’t take care of it soon, he may end up like the Cross Breed King. He has even almost killed a girl, Lauren.”
    I nodded, “Where is he?”
    He looked taken aback, “Uh… here.” He led me down to a wall were he rapidly tapped a pattern. The wall demolished to show a chained up bloody Dane. His head rolled to meet my eyes. Full over regret, “Why is he-”
    “Its harsh but it’s a type of therapy.”
    I nodded, “Leave us.”
    He hesitantly left. I watched the wall reappear. I looked back to Dane, “Im so sorry Jayne, I I I…”
    “Cut the crap, I’m only here because I wanted answers. Now ive got them. I will not be in a relationship that is abusive. Get it through your head, pretty soon I will start back school and I have a job or whatever to deal with. Now you need to deiced, anger or me. You have five seconds to respond with an answer.” I eyed him skeptically to see he was responsive, “go.”
    Five. Four. Three. Two. Two in a half. One, “It’s not that easy.”
    “Bull, just deiced you can try or you can suffer.”
    “Try.” He coughed out with bits of blood dripping from his mouth. The room was to dark to see any details just eyes and darker spots. His eyes slowly lifted mine, holding a regretful and hopeful emotion, mine on the other hand was cold. I would not be hurt; I have too much drama as it is. All that comes with this secret is more secrets and hurt. I was beyond normal emotions, all I could tell with this enormous burden is I would never be normal. No matter how hard I tried, I would always be different. I spun around and knocked on the wall. It quickly demolish to reveal a frighten Carter. I pushed passed him, and when I heard my name called I shrugged it off. All I could say right now is I am sick of being an outcast. Sure I’ve got friends and a…boyfriend, but look at it from my point of view. My two best friends can be some what normal and they don’t have to do what I do. My other friends are well; face it cross breeds and immortals, even vampires. They could easily walk away and do what they want, but me; I have to stay and defend the secret. My so called boyfriend has some major issues and my ex-boyfriends…well one is a major jerk and the other well I don’t consider Carter as an ex because well we went out for a day? Plus he was hung up on his actual girlfriend. I mean who would want this life? I know I am having a tough time. I looked at the cloudy sky, so complicated but always beautiful. I sighed; I knew I had to do something. I thought back to what Jess had said. She had brought up my sister, who held so much love and pain in my heart. The only person who knew about Torrin was Jess; the only reason was because she was there. I felt tears well up as I walked to the one place I swore never to look back on. I walked to the bus stop, once on I had to wait an hour. A pure two hour of torture was coming my way. After one stop to the next, I sat still. I sat hands folded legs crossed. Guys had said few pick up lines, woman had tried to make idle chat, children would want to play, and all I did was sit. I stared straight ahead. Once only a good ten minutes was left, a man around fifty or so spoke, “Ah, Jayne Gerdice. I thought one day I would be seeing you, what how long has it been… a good ten years.”
    The voice was crackly. I looked up to meet a wrinkled man, “I’m sorry how long did you say?”
    If I was correct this man would be the one man I talked to on my way to take my sister to a place I never would go back to, ‘til now. He had helped me control my sister and even showed us were the…house was at.
    “Ah, ten years. You grew up very nicely.”
    He smiled, “Maybe my name will refresh that memory of yours; its Melvin Crunshaw.”
    “I know very well who you are…but what are you doing here?”
    “Oh after I helped you and that, hmm Jess…never did get her last name. Anyhow I’ve been visiting that youngin you called Torrin, now it’s so sad isn’t it?”
    “What is?” I pushed my eyebrows together; I knew he would remember Jess. Of course he would, I mean she was the one who snuck out with me to save my sister from not having parents. I mean of course my aunt and uncle flipped but unnervingly they let it slide. I didn’t get in trouble or anything, I had always wondered why but this life I am living now pretty much explains it.
    “Ah, so I am right you haven’t visited her. Well, I am sad to report that she is…well darlin’ she is very sick.”
    I snapped my head up to hear a ding. I stood up as did he, “Is she…going to be okay?”
    He shrugged, “Can’t say she will; can’t say she won’t.”
    That sort of confused me but I let it go. I followed behind him, we walked silently three blocks. When I reached the door reading ‘Unwanted are always wanted’ I wanted to cry. How could I leave my own flesh in blood, my sister for gosh shake here. Melvin opened the door as a middle aged woman appeared, “Ah Melvin, I see you brought a er visitor?”
    He nodded, “Yes, this here is Jayne Geridice.”
    She took a step back and genuinely smiled, “Ten years we have been waiting for you to return. Torrin asks a lot of questions you know, all we respond is ‘she will come back’. I’m glad you finally did.”
    I couldn’t speak so all I did was nod. I walked through the halls; I glanced at the walls that were a dark brown almost red. Pictures lined the walls and tables. I stopped outside a door with Melvin, “Darlin are you ready?”
    I just nodded and opened the door. The first thing I saw was a little girl with reddish brown hair lying in a grand bed. I stepped in making a few noises. She jolted upright screaming. I stopped abruptly and a sudden thought popped in my head ‘Torrin?’
    My eyes widened at the voice, it wasn’t mine. I turned to her and she gazed evenly. ‘Did you just call me?’
    I nodded, “My name is Jayne…Geridice.”
    “My sister or mother?”
    I looked away, “Sister.”
    “Ah the cold one, I don’t want to see you. Go away.”
    I rolled my eyes, “Shut up, you don’t even know anything. I don’t know why I came here, to see a snot nose brat? I don’t think so.”
    “Ah, you shut up. Im dieing which you should know, I have had cancer for three months. So you don’t know what I am going through. Go away.”
    I shook my head, “You little… want to know my life?! Both my parents are dead. Wait my father is immortal; I have to lead an abnormal life! Everything I in my life is bad because everywhere I turn I have a huge burden! Now shut up I would give anything to be in your shoes. To be dieing, but at least some what normal, I have to risk my life for others who want another decade of life while I don’t even get to have a month. I saved you so shut up.”
    She left her mouth up, “Well, you just spread the secret. Shouldn’t you be like dethroned or what ever.”
    Melvin stared at me wide eyed. I sighed turning around and grabbing his head. I looked straight in his eyes to see fear, “Everything is true but you will not remember anything of the immortals… you will remember a mad Torrin and a sorry Jayne. Then you will remember Torrin understanding the sad story of our parents dieing and her forgiving me.”
    “I remember just Torrin being mad then forgiving you for everything.”
    I let go and stared back at Torrin, “Do you want me to erase you memory?”
    She shook her head, “Melvin please give us a moment.”
    He smiled and left shutting the door. I sat down on her bed, “Torrin, I have always loved you… I knew you could have some sort of happy life after mom and dads death. I realize now I really did do a favor for you… because if you lived with me, your life would hold so much more pain.” I looked down with tears in my eyes, “Torrin, please don’t leave me.”
    She looked at me and strangely hugged me, “I wont… I knew about everything except the immortal thing.”
    “Are you going to die?”
    “Yes, but do you have some magic thingy to make it go away.”
    I shook my head, “No but maybe… your father has a solution.”…