• Chapter 3
    I must have at some time collapsed on the floor,because when my mom came home with a new guy it was 5:00. I was in a fetile position just staring out into space trying to figure out the answer to Blake's question.Why? I stood up my muscles protesting the whole time. I heard my mom laughing too loud,so I knew that she was drunk.The guy she was with was laughing too.I heard her lead him up to her bedroom and close the door. I checked my phone trying to ignore the sounds of my mom and the other guy.I had 12 new text messages.All from Damien. He was worried about me. All of them said Are you okay? I wish I knew the answer to that so I could tell him. The newest text from him said that I should meet him in the forest at 6:00 or he was sending the SWAT team. I got dressed quickly wanting to talk to him so badly. I put on a black v-neck sweater with a with cami underneath,and my favorite jeans with black ballet flats. I brushed my hair to where it was super straight.I put on some lip gloss and black eyeliner then headed out my room door. "I'm leaving to go meet a guy,"I whispered knowing my mom wouldn't hear,and then walked out the door to go meet Damien.
    I walked to the forest instead of using my bike.I wanted to get some exercise after being in my room all day. I was halfway there when I heard a stick break behind me.I turned around to find a very pretty 16 year old girl. She had bright red hair that was wavy and went all the way down to her hips,she was dressed in skinny jeans,which showed off how much of a stick she really was,and a sweatshirt that had some college name on it I'd never heard before.She stared at me with yellow eyes."A girl like you shouldn't be walking around the woods this late,"She said trying to be scary.I shrugged,"Who's going to hurt me? You?"I said sarcastically and turned around only to run into her again.I was shocked.How had she gotten there so quickly? She smiled an evil smile showing her fangs. I stepped back afraid.She stepped toward me then grabbed my wrist,and pulled up my sleeve exposing my pale skin and veins.She traced my veins at my wrist."Such a pretty girl,"She said."It would be a shame if she died so young."I was as still as a statue and scared to death.I didn't want to think about what she was going to do to me,but I knew by the look on her face that she was thinking about it.She brought my wrist up to her mouth and bit down hard.I squirmed and cried out. It hurt! It was a blinding pain. I realized I was yelling at the same time I saw Damien. He looked mad.His ice blue eyes were cold.He somehow appeared right in front of us and pulled the girl away from my wrist.I screamed louder when he jerked her away. I collapsed to the ground trying not to faint from the pain.I closed my eyes and fainted,but not before seeing Damien hitting the girl who hurt me.
    I woke up to the sky,but it was a different color blue then usual. I soon realized that I was looking into Damien's eyes. He was hovering over me,moving the hair out of my face. I felt sick and weak. I closed my eyes for a minute trying to figure out what happened,when my wrist started aching and I remembered it all. I opened my eyes and sat up quickly realizing I was still on the ground.I got dizzy from sitting up too quickly and put a hand to my head."Lay back down,"Damien said. But I wouldn't. I stayed sitting up and looked at him,afraid."Where is she?"I whispered."Is she still here?" I said shaking. He kissed my forehead ,and shook his head."You're fine,she's gone,"He said,but I knew he was leaving out the 'for now' part."What was she?"I said and slowly stood up using his hand to help steady me.He studied me carefully for a moment,and then finally said,"She's a vampire.....like me,"He said.He whispered the last part hoping I wouldn't hear."You're a vampire?!" I said amazed and fearful at the same time.He nodded slowly studying my expression."Oh,"I said.I couldn't think of anything else to say except for,So you're like Edward Cullen,and I knew he wouldn't like that at all. I laughed quietly to myself thinking about him being the Edward Cullen guy from the Twilight series that everyone was into.He quirked an eyebrow at me obviously thinking I was crazy to be laughing right now. I looked him in the eyes."It's nothing,"I said then sighed,"How did I know you yesterday?"It was the first thing that popped into my head.I didn't want him to talk about being a vampire after I was just attacked by one. I felt like I had had enough of the word vampire today.He sighed and looked at me,"You reincarnate,"He said,I gave him a funny look not understanding what he meant."You and I have been together since the dawn of time,"He said."I first knew you as Amelia,but everytime you reincarnated it changed. Last time I knew you as Emily,"He said laughing at some joke I wasn't privvy to."We were made for each other,but someone always got into our way,"He said and sighed."I've been trying to find you again for over 100 years! I never know which name you'll have or where you'll be.I just have to guess."He sighed again."I've missed you all these years."It was crazy,but I actually believed him.Something deep inside of me knew he was telling the truth,and knew that someone had always killed me before we had ever actually had a lifetime together."I've missed you too."I said,knowing I wasn't lying.He was mine,and I was his. This time though,we would have more then one lifetime together.I just knew we would.