• Ash pushed back her thick hair and sighed. The doctor had said she would be in class Monday. She huffed, “Anyone know my schedule?” She felt her cheeks heat up and adverted her eyes to the ground. Feeling dependent was not something she was, or wanted to be, used to.

    Amber knelt before her patting her knee softly. Slowly she raised her eyes to meet her friends hazel ones. Right now they where gold colored and filled to the brim with concern, and that only made Ashlee feel worse. Playing with her thumbs, Ashlee waited for some one to speak and bring her out of this state.
    Standing back up, Amber said, “I think you kept a copy, Ash.” She rummaged through a draw and came up triumphant. “Here we are!” Sitting back down on the other side of Ashlee and handed over a small white paper with a typed out list.

    Quickly Ash scanned the lines twice and sighed. Running her hands through her straight hair, Ashlee folded the paper. Beside her, he shifted his weight. The warmth beside Ashlee was gone along with the light scent of flowers he’d probably gotten from bring lilies to the hospital. Ash crinkled her nose.

    Flowers were an odd scent for a boy, and he normally smelled like wind or the sea. Shaking her head, she looked up at him. He leaned against the free wall, looking back at her with deep eyes.

    Who was he? The question tugged at the back of her mind, but the more she tried to think about it, the more fog rolled over her mind. Everything about him was familiar and right. Silk like feathers decorated the large wings behind his back, and she knew the exact texture with out having to touch them. Even though he wasn’t a protector, Ashlee knew this guy would do anything for her.

    She hung her head, hair draping over her face in a dark veil.