• WARNING: Bad Language in some areas!

    Drex is challenged to fight the greatest Death Knight, Isaac. Once Drex steps into the arena, a northka man approaches him with a set of weapons. "Which will it be?" he asked."The flail, deadly swords, or The Great Axe of Doom?" Drex made the wise choice of choosing The Great Axe of Doom, while his enemy chose a runeblade, glowing with icy aura. "This is the enemy?" Isaac remarked with a booming voice."This is highly embarrassing. It's a regular man with that axe. You expect me to beg for mercy?" Then Drex replied," Now now, Issac. I'm not all that regular. You can call me, immortal. But calling me regular is just making me say,'Your a servant of the Lich King, bah!' Now really, all the other Death Knights are free from his grasp, but you are probably the only one I know of that isn't free of it." Then a bell rang, and Isaac charged. Drex parried the blow with his hand, and left a little crack in the runeblade."What is this, a joke?" Isaac boomed."You have the powers of a Supreme High Warlord of Evil! This is insanity!" At the sound of that, Drex lunged at Isaac with powerful agility. Isaac was sent to the wall of the arena, nearly crushing the wall."Well I guess I can summon my ghoul." Isaac said. Then a purple beam came out of his hand and summoned a undead minion named Thanjuk."See if you can parry this!" Thanjuk screamed, then sprang toward Drex. Drex absorbed his weapon and started muttering something. Then all the sudden, Thanjuk was flying through the air and smashed into Isaac, pinning him to the floor."Do I look regular, old man?" Drex screamed. Drex picked up Isaac and threw him against the wall and started draining Isaac's soul. Bdeckaa then rose from his seat and yelled,"That's enough, Drex! Let him go, you won the sword."

    After the duel Drex then saw Isaac limping toward the Sanctuary. He was muttering something that said something like "dirty b*****d" and "damn you".

    Meanwhile at Osama's lair..

    "Osama, my dear, why are you so pissed off?" Osama's wife said."Because I am a stupid terrorist and I like pissing people off!!!!" Osama replied.

    When Drex got the awesome sword, he remembered his final mission: fighting the war of the portal worlds.

    Final Part coming soon....