• --Chapter 3--

    Following the distress signal, they found an abandoned warehouse.
    "Why would T be in a rundown place like this?" Asked Hero X.
    "How should I know?" responded Hero Z. A flashing light could be seen inside of the darkness of the warehouse.
    "There she is!" blurted out hero Y. They ran into the darkness, and when they were just a few inches away from the flashing light, it stopped. Suddenly, a loud thump could be heard, and Hero J went flying into a wall of the building. The lights went on, revealing a giant wolf with the beacon in his hand.
    "Mmheheheh..." said the large entity. "You heroes are so naive."
    "Gigawolf!" Yelled hero X. He conjured a ball of wind and shot it at the wolf, who brushed it away easily. He threw the beacon away and it hit Hero J in the face while he was getting up.
    "Why me???" yelled the apprentice. He charged a fire ball and shot it at Gigawolf. But to his surprise, the fireball turned into a huge, uncontrollable flame, and it quickly set the warehouse on fire.
    "Dammit J, don't be so reckless!" yelled Hero Y. She shot a thunderbolt at the apprentice, who quickly got knocked out. X shot a wall of wind that put out the flame and went back to the fight. For several minutes the battle waged on, until Gigawolf stopped suddenly.
    "I'm bored with this." he said. He jumped up very high, and grabbed onto a ladder, which came down from a chopper above them. "See you in the afterlife, Heroes!" The chopper flew away, rocking from the weight of the large wolf.
    "DAMN!" Yelled Z. He shot a dark blast at him, but it disintegrated before it could reach him. Saddened by the loss, Hero Y picked up the knocked out Hero, and they walked out of the warehouse.
    "What could he want?" asked Hero W.
    "HOLY CRAP! I FORGOT YOU WERE THERE!" yelled Hero Y. She jumped, dropping J, who landed on his head and awoke.
    "What happened?" asked the discombobulated boy, but to that there was no reply. "Hello?" Still silence. "Ooooookay. Awkward." Tired and angry, the beaten Heroes went home.