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    ~Chapter One~
    I ran as fast as I could to the gates of the village, every few minutes looking back to see if anyone was there. Still no one, just the way I like it!

    ' I hope I make it out this time! If I do I will finally have my freedom!'
    'Cha! That's right! We... I mean you can finally be a ninja!'
    'Don't get too excited, we're not there yet.'

    I kept running, only a few more feet to the gate. I was almost there when BAM!
    I fell flat on my butt, man who put a brick wall up in front of me?

    "And where do you think you're going, Princess Sakura?"
    "Oh! I was just...um.... I was just going on a little walk, thats all."
    "Is that true?"
    "Y..yes Kakashi-sensei!"
    "Well then as far as I know, you're not allowed out here. But... also as far as I know I haven't found you yet... so run back to the mansion and I won't tell your Otou-san where you were heading."
    "Really?! Arigato Kakashi-sensei!"

    I bowed then turned and ran back home. I kept running not even noticing the hood to my cloak fall off my head. I didn't notice until...

    "Oh my gosh! It's Princess Sakura! Hurry she's getting away!"
    "Princess! Over here!"
    "No over here!"
    "Can I come with you?!"
    "Come with me!"

    I didn't listen to their comments I just dodged and ran, I was really good at that. Maybe if my Otou-san let me learn ninja arts like ninjutsu then maybe I would be able to just poof into my room! I kept running till I saw the mansion in front of me. I slowed down and stoped on my porch, I took off my cloak and patted down my dress till all the dust and dirt (that could come off) came off. I put my ear to the door to see if anyone was in the great room... no one! I walked in through the doors and quietly took off my shoes. Looking around the room to see only total darkness I ran across the floor to the marble staircase.

    "Where were you? Hm?" The deep voice was very familier.
    "What do you want, Sasori?" I turned to see him come out of the shadows of the corner.
    "Aw, thats no way to talk to your Onii-san Hm?"
    "Oh shut it, you baka!" I again turned to go up the stairs when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
    "Now, you wouldn't want me to tell father what you just did now do you?"
    "You wouldn't." I put as much venom in my voice as I could.
    "Oh don't be like that. Mean doesn't suit you, neither does being a ninja."
    "Like you know anythin Sasori! You are a ninja and a prince!"
    "Hey, hey. Don't yell so much, Otou-san's asleep and you wouldn't want to wake him."
    "Now since I am a nice Onii-san I will let you go. Don't worry though, I won't tell Otou-san or Okaa-san."

    With that I quickly ran up the stairs, down three hallways, and into my room. Once I was sure I was alone i changed into my light green silk nightgown and lied down in bed until I drifted to sleep.

    I walked down the stairs to the kitchen, as soon as I walked in my mouth watered. I looked around to see the cook by the stove.
    "What cha cooking Choji?"
    "Ah, Sakura! My favorite food taster! How are you this lovely afternoon?"
    "Wonderful! You?"
    "Good, just making your Okaa-san,Otou-san, Onii-san, and their guests some lunch."
    "Really? Who's the guests?"
    "I wasn't easedropping but I hear they are your suiters."
    "Aw, don't be like that! Ino was talking about how the two boys with black hair are to die for."
    "Well I'll give them a chance I guess."
    "Thats the Sakura I know!"
    "Alright! I guess I'll go introduce myself! See ya later Choji!"
    I walked into the dinning room and saw my father and brother at their usual spots at the table, mother standing next to my father whispering something in his ear, and three other boys.
    "Konichiwa Okaa-san, Otou-san, Onii-san."
    "Hello Sakura, honey. How was studing with Kakahi-san?"
    "Good, I learned about the 3rd Great Ninja War. My favorite ninja was Lady Tsunade, she was one of the legendary Sanin! She also was a medical ninja!"
    "That's very interesting, and how was singing with Ino-chan?"
    "Wonderful! I got to sing a song I wrote!"
    "Thats good honey. Maybe after lunch you can sing to us."
    "Hai!" I looked to see only my Okaa-san was listening to what I said.
    Choji walked in with trays of food, again my mouth watered but I turned before anyone could see the drool.
    "Lunch is served. Please enjoy!" Everyone stopped talking.
    "Itadakimasu!" Everyone then started eating, I noticed one of the boys with blonde hair headed staight to the ramen. The short one with raven hair just had sushi and a tomato, and the tall one with a ponytail ate Sashimi. I watched everyone eat when they were done I stared to listen to the conversation. "Gochisosama!"

    I sat up in bed, I had just had another vision. Great, I know whats going to happen today. Well at least the middle part of it.