• The Epic win day
    it was a beautiful Winter's day in Durem where Coco and Kiki where playing hide and seek by the fountan at which this time of year was frozen solid kiki was almost ninja-like and coco such out like well, a black cat on a snowy day. and suddenly, a cat a looonnnnggggg cat which was long appeard out of the ground like a worm and Coco looks at it curiously and said "kiki did you get run over by a steamroller again?...like in that one episode we did last season?" Coco said mischievously. Longcat turned to Coco and looked at him curiously "Who the /b/ is Kiki? and why art thou so short Tacgnol?" longcat said. Coco was confuesed "who the gay is Tacgnol and what the heck is a /b/?" Coco said. longcat then looked around and saw Edmund's shoppe when Jonny K. Gambiano was walking out to his fifty yard limousine with hotub and bigscreen plasma high def Tv. and turned back to coco "hmmm
    thee art Coco kitty and yonder rich man is Jonny k. Gambiano the i must be in Gaia...but why am i here? this makes no sense" longcat said. Kiki walks up to the two talking and says "Coco who is this doosh your talking to?" she said "he appears to be some /b/terd" Coco said and so Coco, Gwee, Kiki, Rock-Puppy and Super-Lanzer save the day by kicking longcat's a** all the way back to 4chan

    teh endz