• Laranoba was once a united nation, under the ruling of King Laurence and Queen Ariana. Their daughters Adriana and Gwenivear were the best of friends. Then their parents died and the nation was left in their hands.
    Their parents died in a horrible accident while they were walking through the forest. There aren’t many creatures in the forest but they happened to walk by the dragon caves while the dragons were hungry.
    The day after their parent’s funeral they were brought to the throne room. It was beautiful; it had clean, shining wood floors and a regal red carpet. The two thrones in the back of the room looked magical with the sun shining in.
    King Laurence’s old throne was like fire, literally. It was a huge flaming chair, the total opposite of Queen Ariana’s old throne. Their mother’s old throne was made of ice. It gleamed in the sunlight and reflected all over the room as their father’s old throne glowed.
    Adriana stepped up to her father’s throne. At the age of 18 she was ready. She took her father’s staff that was sitting in the seat. It was a long gold with a big red stone shining on the top. AS she took it in hand she felt the power flowing through her and she gasped.
    Gwenivear was standing in front of their mother’s throne. She watched as Adriana took the staff in hand and she knew what she had to do. She took Queen Ariana’s staff and screamed as the cold consumed her.
    As light filled the room the two advisers turned away and shielded their eyes.

    Finally after what seemed like hours the light faded.

    The twin 18 year-old girls looked at each other and smiled. The two advisers finally unshielded their eyes and smiled too.
    Adriana, who had been their dad’s favorite and who also looked like him, was still holding her staff. She looked down at her long hair that was resting on her shoulder. What was once brown hair was now a fiery red. She happened to catch that he skin tone, which had been kind of pale, was now darker and looked as if she had a tan.
    Both her and her sister had worn long white dresses to symbolize a new beginning. Adriana’s white dress had changed. As she looked down she realized it wasn’t even a dress anymore. There was gold metal covering her bust and attached to a tight red fabric. The red fabric hugged her as it stretched to her neck, to her back, and on her shoulders creating a short sleeve. Her stomach was still bare and so was the middle and lower part of her back.
    She saw on her stomach and red dragon tattoo. The dragon’s tail started at her waist line on her left hip and it started to wrap around her. The tail turned into a body and then eventually stopped at the head. The head rest right under the middle of her top.
    Adriana was also wearing a gold skirt. As she stood still it looked like metal but when she moved it flowed like fabric. On her feet were Greek sandals with straps of red and gold intertwining to below her knee.
    Adriana smiled and looked at her sister.
    Gwenivear’s long blonde hair had turned to a very light blue, the color of ice. As she pulled her fingers through it she noticed her skin. It was also pale blue and had specks of ice that shimmered in the sunlight, just like her dress and what was now her throne. Then she noticed something else sparkling. Around her wrists were icicles that were oddly attached to her skin. They were pointing to her elbow and the points were just about an inch below.
    Her long while dress had turned into a huge ball gown, one of the bell-shaped ones. It was pale blue with specks of while. The top hugged her tightly before it fluffed out at her waist. Around her waist was the same kind of icicles that were around her wrist but bigger and longer. The sleeves reached her elbow but there was extra fabric hanging down. The extra fabric was so long that if her arms were by her side the fabric would almost touch the floor.
    After they were done looking at their new transformed selves they looked at each other. They both had a smile on their face and they couldn’t help but give each other a hug. As they hugged Byron, their father’s old adviser, who was now Adriana’s adviser, stepped forward. “Queens of Laranoba,” he said with a deep bow. “Your people await.”

    The cheers filled their ears as they stepped out of the castle. The two Queens glanced at each other then raised their staffs. Everyone fell silent. Then the advisers stepped forward.
    “We have gone trough a most tragic time,” said Byron.
    “But now we are here for a celebration!!” shouted Leila, their mother’s old adviser but now Gwenivear’s. Everyone started to cheer again.
    “We welcome the new Queens of Laranoba!!!!” they shouted together.
    The sisters smiled as they raised their hands while the crowd cheered. From Adriana’s hands came a column of fire that shot straight into the air. From Gwenivear’s hands came a column of snow that also shot straight into the air. As the two column mixed together the crowd quieted. The two stopped traveling upward and combined into a huge ball of snow and fire.
    The Queens lowered their hands and threw their staffs at the ball. Once the staffs touched the ball it exploded it to the most beautiful and amazing snow/fireworks anyone had ever seen.
    It was a true sign that these two girls were, powerful.

    Byron came rushing into the front hall. He stood at the top of the stairs and looked down at the queen standing there. “Yes Queen Adriana?” he asked out of breath from running.
    “Where is my sister? Does she not remember what today is?” Queen Adriana was twirling her staff, something she did regularly when she was annoyed.
    Byron came down the stairs and bowed, “I do not know, my lady. I suggest summoning Leila.”
    Adriana nodded. “LEILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”
    “Coming!!” Leila said rushing out of Gwenivear’s room and to the stairs. She quickly came down then and curtsied. “Yes Queen Adriana?”
    “What is taking Gwenivear so long?” demanded Adriana.
    Leila swallowed. “Sorry, Queen, she has bed head.”
    “Bed head?” she asked solemnly and Leila nodded. “Bed head?! We are going to be late because of bed head?!?!” Queen Adriana yelled as we went up the stairs and into Gwenivear’s room. “Brush your damn hair and let’s go!”
    Gwenivear rolled her eyes. “Calm down, they can’t start without us.”
    “I’m not making my people wait because of bed head!” Adriana exclaimed with her hands on her hips.
    “Then just leave without me!” shouted Gwenivear as she turned to glare at Adriana. Adriana just looked at her and blinked not believing her ears.
    “I wouldn’t do that, Gwen. We have been ruling this nation together for a year; we will celebrate that year today, together,” Adriana said quietly.
    Gwenivear looked at her and smiled softly, almost apologetically. “You’re right, I’m sorry.” She ran her brush through her hair once more and put the brush down on the vanity. “Let’s go.”

    On their thrones out in the courtyard the girls smiled at the people gathered. They had eaten and danced, and celebrated. Now it was time for it to end and start another year under their rule.
    Byron and Leila stepped up to the fire that was burning. It was a cool September night, and you could hear the crickets. As Byron opened his mouth to end the celebration Gwenivear stood up. There was murmuring through the crowd.
    “Gwen! What are you doing?” asked Adriana in a harsh whisper.
    She ignored her and Gwenivear cleared her throat. Everyone fell silent and you could distantly hear the wolves howling at the full moon.
    Gwenivear smiled at the crowd. “I would like to announce that I will be Changing my adviser, Leila.” No one spoke.
    Adriana stood and walked to her sister’s side. She glanced at Leila and saw her smiling nervously at the crowd. <i>Smiling?</i> Adriana thought to herself. Then she turned to Gwenivear. “Why are you getting rid of Leila? She was mother’s adviser and our nanny!”
    “I’m not getting rid of her, I’m Changing her,” Gwenivear said indication her staff in her hand.
    Adriana’s eyes widened. “Gwen you can’t--“ She was cut off as Gwenivear took another step forward.
    “Leila, please come here,” Gwenivear said and she came. Gwenivear held out the staff. “Leila, take my staff and let the cold consume you. Take my staff and become with the Ice Queen,” Gwenivear said in a loud clear and commanding voice.
    Leila held her head up high. “I will your highness.” She took the staff in hand as Gwenivear held the top were the blue stone was encased. There was a blinding light and everyone except Adriana and Gwenivear looked away.
    Once the light faded everyone stared. Leila was standing there gasping for breath. Gwenivear held on to her so she wouldn’t fall. She beamed as she spoke to the crowd. “Welcome Leila, the Queen’s true adviser.” Everyone cheered except for Byron and Adriana.

    “What the HELL were you thinking?! How could you do something like that!!!” Adriana screamed once they were inside the castle. She couldn’t get the image from her head.
    Leila had turned the same bluish pale as Gwenivear and had white hair. She wore a long slim dress that went from light blue at the top to white at the bottom, and she had wings.
    “We don’t have to follow Mother and Father’s rules anymore! I don’t see why we shouldn’t do this to everyone!!” Gwenivear screamed back.
    “You could have at least talked to me about this!” yelled Adriana as she paced and twirled her staff.
    “I didn’t talk to you because I knew this would happen!! I knew you wouldn’t like it!”
    “So you did it anyways?” Adriana asked softly as she stopped pacing to look at her sister.
    “Yes,” Gwenivear said nodding. “We have all this power but we keep it to ourselves. Why shouldn’t we give some to others if they are willing?”
    Adriana looked away. “It’s just not right.”
    “How? How is this not right?”
    Adriana turned on her sister. “It’s not right because Father and Mother wouldn’t have done it!!”
    “We don’t have to do things the way they did. I have so many ideas that would make this place so much better.”
    “Then why don’t you just rule your own nation!” shouted Adriana fed up with everything.
    “Maybe I will!!” shouted Gwenivear right back.
    “Well you better leave then because I’m not leaving my home!! And you are NEVER going to rule this entire nation by yourself,” Adriana said stubbornly.
    “Then we will split it in two!!”
    “Fine,” yelled Adriana.
    “Fine,” yelled Gwenivear.
    They both split off and went to their rooms.

    The next morning Adriana got up early as she usually does and went to Byron’s room. He opened it up with a friendly smile on his face. He was in his robe but it didn’t look like he had been sleeping. Adriana walked in silently when he opened the door wider.
    She sat down on his bed and crossed her legs like she used to do when she was little. Yes Leila had been there nanny but she had always liked Byron more. “Did you here our fight last night?”
    Byron glanced at her. “I did my Queen, I am sorry for listening.”
    Adriana smiled at him. “You don’t have to call me Queen while others aren’t around.”
    “It’s out of habit.”
    Adriana rolled her eyes. “Well did you here the last part?”
    Byron nodded softly. “I did, Adri.” She couldn’t help but smile at the nickname she had been given so long ago. “Do you plan to go through with it?”
    She thought for a while and silently nodded. “I don’t think one nation is ever fit to have two queens. It was only a matter of time before this happened.” She took the ring from her finger. She kissed the stone and it extended into her staff. She looked up at him.
    He sat down next to her. “You know I will do anything for you Adri. It is my job to help you,” he put his hand on her shoulder. “When you and your sister were born both me and Leila were given the job to protect you two. Your father knew that one day you would take his staff so he made me promise to stay with you and always be there,” he smiled at her and took a hold of the staff. There was a blinding light and once it faded he finished. “And I will never break that promise.”

    Gwenivear watched as Adriana went into Byron’s room. She stood there watching her as they smiled at each other then went into the room. She sighed and went to Leila’s room and knocked.
    “Are you alright, Gwen?” Leila asked the second she opened the door.
    “I’m guessing you heard the fight last night?” said Gwenivear as she walked in and sat down on the carpet in front of the fireplace.
    Leila sat down next to her. “I did. Do you really plan to split the nation?”
    “What else is there to do? A nation is not meant to be ruled by two queens.” Gwenivear glanced over at Leila. “The cold suits you, it was meant to be.”
    Leila smiled at her. “I’m glad you did this and if you do choose to split the nation I will be there with you, I will never leave. It is a promise I made to your mother.”
    “Well we have to do this with Byron and Adriana. We will have to settle boundaries and make an announcement and then start Changing people.”
    “You are planning on Changing more people?” Leila asked shocked.
    “I want this nation to change. We have so much power; we should spread it to our people, or soon to be my people. Who ever chooses my side with be Changed,” Gwenivear said confidently.
    Leila bit her lip. “Are you sure? Both your mother and father were against that.”
    “I want to change this nation. It should be a whole new world. There were so many things my parents could have done and I want to do those things,” she said then stood up. “We need to go talk to Adriana and Byron.”

    “Why not the river?” asked Adriana as they looked at a map of Laranoba.
    Gwenivear thought about it. “I guess so. It’s pretty much right down the middle. What do you think, Leila?”
    “I think it’s a very good idea,” she said nodding.
    “Byron?” asked Adriana.
    “It is a good boundary line. There will be no confusion,” he said still studying the map.
    “So its settled?”
    “It's settled.”

    There was murmuring through the crowd. It started out quiet but it got louder and louder as more people started to talk. Soon everyone was shouting over each other.
    “Everyone settle down!!” shouted Leila trying to be heard over everyone. Laranoba wasn't very populated but it was still hard to shout over 200 people.
    Since not many had heard the newly transformed Leila, no one settled down. Then Byron walked out. They had decided he would come out later but the crowd was starting to get out of control.
    As soon as everyone saw him, it went dead silent. If you had been there you would have understood why. He was tan and had no shirt on. There was a small red dragon on his right shoulder, like the one on Adriana's stomach. He now had red spiky hair and tanish-red pants, and like Leila he had wings.
    “Everyone needs to let the Queens speak! You all should be ashamed to have interrupted them!” Byron shouted to the crowd sounding powerful. No one spoke.
    Gwenivear walked forward and worked her magic. There was something about her personality that made the crowds attention go directly to her. “Laranoba will split in two, as we said before. The reason for this is that a nation was never meant to be ruled by two queens.”
    “We will be making the river the boundary between the two kingdoms,” said Adriana stepping up as well.”You will need to choose a side, either the Fire Kingdom...”
    “Or the Ice Kingdom,” finished Gwenivear.
    Then to everyone's surprise a villager stepped out of the crowd and bowed on the ground at the queen's feet. “My queens, what are we to do if we do not wish to choose a side?”
    The sisters looked at each other. “What is your name?” asked Adriana.
    “Mathew, my lady,” he said still bowing and not making any movement to get up.
    “Do you pose this question because you have an answer?” questioned Gwenivear.
    Mathew smiled. “I do, my lady. There is an island to the North.”
    “And you suggest sending people who do not wish to choose there?”
    “I do Queen Adriana.”
    Gwenivear took a step towards him. “Will you take responsibly for this island? The neutral island of Laranoba?”
    “I will,” he said confidently raising his chin.
    Adriana took a stop forward to stand next to her sister. They looked at each other and came to a decision. Gwenivear put her staff on his right shoulder and Adriana put her staff on his left shoulder. He closed his eyes as the blinding light once again filled the courtyard. Once he light was gone, both queens looked at him confused.
    Byron stepped forward. “My queens, he is not willing to take your powers, so he will not receive it.”
    “Then you shall be the perfect leader,” Adriana said lifting her staff from his shoulder.
    “You shall,” agreed Gwenivear.
    He beamed up at them. “I asked you for one more thing. I simply ask to name the island.”
    “What will you name it?” questioned Adriana.