• Lysha-Chan: ?

    Lysha-Chan: click join chat at the bottem

    lauren from x.x.x.162 joined the chat 32 minutes ago

    lauren: got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl

    lauren: who's all here?

    Lysha-Chan: brb

    lauren: k

    Lysha-Chan: back

    lauren: k

    lauren: it dylan coming on this too?

    lauren: and sara

    Lysha-Chan: idk if hes on the computer

    lauren: lol

    Lysha-Chan: sara is a no but idk about dylan

    lauren: ask him

    Lysha-Chan: i cant i have to serves were i am!!! i am at my aunt in brokings and were she lives it is in the woods and there is not serves

    lauren: O ya forgot

    lauren: i'll ask

    Lysha-Chan: but he is on gaia so i will email post a coment on his prof

    lauren: nm k

    Lysha-Chan: what you doing

    lauren: talking to a different friend

    Lysha-Chan: ok?

    lauren: on facebook

    Lysha-Chan: ok??

    lauren: lol

    lauren: ur so weird

    Lysha-Chan: i just posted a comment on his prof so he mite be coming on soon

    lauren: k

    Lysha-Chan: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k

    Lysha-Chan: brb

    lauren: lol k

    Lysha-Chan: back

    lauren: what did u do?

    Lysha-Chan: ran down the stairs to see what my aunts address was

    Lysha-Chan: and dylan is not on the commputer so text him and tell him to
    get on the chat room

    lauren: k

    lauren: what do i tell him?

    Lysha-Chan: to get on the chat room

    lauren: the same one on the tool bar?

    lauren: ????

    lauren: hello

    Lysha-Chan: sorry an

    Lysha-Chan: and he already has the url

    lauren: k

    lauren: i told him

    Lysha-Chan: kk

    dylan: hi

    Lysha-Chan: hi

    dylan: ello

    lauren: yay

    lauren: hi dylan

    dylan: um hi

    Lysha-Chan: lol

    lauren: O u know that other dylan i know?

    dylan: u 2 have bad timeing

    Lysha-Chan: why?

    dylan: cuz in 2 mins i gtg

    Lysha-Chan: were?

    dylan: shopping

    lauren: where he lives they call him dill pickel and dilldo

    Lysha-Chan: ?????????

    lauren: :'(

    dylan: ^_^

    Lysha-Chan: and danm you dill-pickle

    dylan: >O<

    dylan: .u..u

    dylan: u killed my bunny

    lauren: and that one is black i guess too

    Lysha-Chan: wat r u talking about lauren

    Lysha-Chan from x.x.x.50 changed name to Alysha 7 minutes ago

    dylan: im lost

    lauren: the other dylan i know do u remember him?

    Alysha: so am i

    Alysha: no

    dylan: im lost

    lauren: then nm

    Alysha: we have no idea what the hell you are talking about

    lauren: well then nm then

    dylan: no 1 ever knows wat ur talking about

    Alysha: ok?

    lauren: -_-

    dylan: ^_^

    dylan: >O<

    Alysha: D

    dylan: .u..u

    lauren: if u guys r going to be mean to me then i'm leaving

    dylan: kk bye

    Alysha: nooooo

    Alysha: damn you

    dylan: n_n

    dylan: ^_^

    Alysha: i am going to kill dylan when i get back so lauren do u wont to help

    lauren: fine but dylan has to stop

    dylan: bye

    dylan: damn it shes still here

    dylan: (

    Alysha: ???

    Alysha: what?

    Alysha: did dill-pickle get left behind

    dylan: wait wat im right here

    lauren: no he's being a a**

    Alysha: nm

    dylan: yes i am

    dylan: ^_^

    Alysha: so lauren no wont to help me kill him when i get back to cresent city

    lauren: -_-

    lauren: ya

    Alysha: kk

    Alysha: dill-pickle is going to die today (Or tomorow)

    lauren: lol

    Alysha: lol

    dylan: umm im watching a movie about the screret life of gay men and its
    scaring me cuz ther is a lez named alysha in it

    Alysha: what the hell????

    dylan: r u lez

    Alysha: and i am not a lez and you no that

    dylan: if so im scared of u

    lauren: omg

    Alysha: what??

    Alysha: i

    Alysha: am

    Alysha: not

    Alysha: lez

    Alysha: or

    dylan: i know i know

    dylan: bi

    Alysha: ok

    Alysha from x.x.x.50 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

    Alysha: i am not bi eather

    lauren: stop it u 2!

    dylan: i know i was finishing ur sentens

    lauren: ur annoying

    Alysha: lol

    Alysha: and wow

    dylan: wait what

    Alysha: lol

    dylan: u all scare me so bye

    Alysha: no

    Alysha: bad

    dylan from x.x.x.34 left the chat

    Alysha: damn him

    Alysha: Lauren?

    lauren: sorry

    lauren: i got muted

    Alysha: damn him he left

    lauren: 1 sec

    dylan from x.x.x.34 joined the chat

    dylan: btw dont get mad i told u i need to go shopping

    Alysha: btw?

    Alysha: oh nm

    dylan: by the way

    dylan: ok

    Alysha: ok?

    Alysha: when will you be back from shopping

    dylan: i dont whant to but my dad is makeing me

    dylan: idk i will text lauren when im on my way back

    Alysha: kk

    dylan: bye talk to u soon i hope

    Alysha: and if i leave to go back to cresent city i will text you and let you no

    dylan: kk

    Alysha: kk

    Alysha: bye ttyl

    dylan from x.x.x.34 left the chat

    Alysha: and lauren are you still here?

    lauren: yes

    Alysha: kk

    lauren: but i'm talking to my dylan

    Alysha: wow

    Alysha: your dylan wow

    lauren: lol

    lauren: can he come and talk on this if he wants to?

    lauren: ?????

    Alysha: idc

    lauren: k he has to make a face book first

    Alysha: just have

    lauren: k