• I never knew this would happen....

    Elijah pushed on farther through the dark waters, his tail pressing against the dense currents. He stroked as hard as he could, he then saw something float among the surface. It was a figure of a human, they were lifeless and still as it was moving with the currents.
    He saw a tail protrude from their rear, their body jerk violently. Elijah watched in shock as their head shot back as bubbles emitted from their lips, the stranger's hands jolted out the surface and push down. The figure turned to face Elijah, their eyes burned the color of a luminous yellow. It was a girl, she had fairly short dark hair and her lips were slightly parted as bubbles arose from her lips.
    Elijah instinctly swam forward, to rescue the stranger from drowning. The girl's eyes widened, as she grasped her throat. She was starting to fade.
    Elijah watched as she drifted lower into the water, one free hand stretched out to him. He pushed on harder, trying as hard as he could to reach her. The girl soon was enveloped into the darker waters of the sea......

    (*Violet's pov*)

    I awoke to the flicker and crackle of a fire, I could smell fresh deer or some other meat of some sort. I sputtered some water out, and breathed heavy, my eyes wandered and met the eyes of my rescuer. He was suprisingly extremely
    handsome: Night black hair and the most gorgeous light green eyes I've ever seen.
    "What. are you?" he whispered as soon as we locked eyes. His expression was mysterious and unreadable.
    "I'm a-"
    Before I could finish a large predator approached us, their menacing glare followed by a threatening growl. I leapt up and altered into my fox form, my chesnut brown fur bristled as I snarled viciously.
    The predator bound for me, letting out a loud roar. I jumped up and snapped my mouth at it, it's mouth was inches from my shoulder blade. Before I could grasp it's throat with my teeth, a flash of silver light blinded me. I pushed back and landed back onto all fours, I could feel a warm liquid splatter onto me.
    I reformed and sprinted toward where the blood had come from, tears already flowing from my eyes.
    Don't tell me he's gone......