• That night was one of the hardest nights I've had in awhile. When I woke up the next morning at 12:23 noon, my phone had 6 messages and 8 missed calls. Reading the messages from Brandon made me feel so guilty, because of Nikko. His soft, soothing voice was still in my head as soon as I woke up in the morning. good morning, angel. i love you I made a smirk at his voice and headed downstairs, the smell of french toast filling the hallway. "Hey hun, how are you?" my mom said with so much concern.
    "I'm fine. Perfectly fine. Can I have breakfast?" i mumbled.
    "Oh. . . Well okay then. Jessica called earlier wondering if you were okay. She asked if you wanted to go to the park with her today."
    "Yeah, I'll call her after breakfast. Lunch." correcting myself with a soulful laugh.
    "Glad to hear, Brandon called too. I also heard your phone buzz all morning, I'm surprised that didn't wake you up." she commented. I stuffed a big piece of french toast in my mouth and told her, "I don't want to talk to Brandon. If he calls again can you make an excuse? please?" she smiled at me as a sign of understanding and said, "yeah, will do." i took my last bite of french toast and raced upstairs to call Jess. When i dialed her phone number i felt a cold chill on my right shoulder. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, seeing Nikko's face looking straight at me. He leaned closer to my face and then i flashed my eyes open, my body feeling warm again. I dazed off for a second, staring at my rainbow socks, then realized I still had to call Jess. "Hello?" i asked with question.
    "Elena! Are you okay? Brandon called me yesterday hella freaked out." she bursted at me. i laughed at her reaction of my hello and said, "Memories got to me last night."
    "Oh. . . like?"
    "Well, my boyfriend died in a car accident last year. Actually three months before I moved here." im surprised how i said that like it was nothing. i continued saying, "His name... was Nikko. We were going out for almost a year."
    "Yeah, why?" My heart started beating fast, wondering why she was asking.
    "Nikko Bebio?" she said while holding her breath. His full name was so unique in a weird way. The first time I heard it I started laughing at him.
    "How do you know?! Jess!"
    "He- he's my cousin." it felt like my heart skipped a beat. I dropped my phone and felt that cold chill on my chest now, as if Nikko was trying to slow my heart beat. I picked up the phone and told her slowly, "I can't believe this."
    "And you think I can?! Your the girl! Elena! I thought I knew you when I saw you the first day of school!"
    "How- What- What are you talking about?"
    "He showed me pictures of you through email. That's the only way we talked to each other." My head started to spin in confusion as i told her, "Uh.. I got to go."
    "Oh, well are we still going to the park?" i thought for a minute and said, "I'm just too confused. I'll text you. Sorry bye Jess."
    "oh, well okay then. bye." I sat on my bed for a second and started to question myself why he never told me about his American cousin. She wasn't as important as you, Elena. IF he was still alive I would have slapped him by now. I got my Ipod and lay down on my bed. I looked through all my songs then decided to put it on shuffle, and the first song that came up was Broken Wings by Flyleaf. The song that Brandon dedicated to me the first week we met. I really did love that boy.