• As some stories go they can come in strange ways or in mild or interesting, but in this story might turn out differently. In a mild town, two families had been rivals for years, but until both of them started to lose money and they proposed to marry their children to each other. But as some people know some things never go according to plan.

    "Will you stop this infernal whinning?" yelled sir Richard. She removed her hands from her face and shows tears pouring out from her eyes.
    "I am not marrying him, father! I don't love him." cried Olivia
    "You are not to change this this proposal for it will go as planned." he said. She wipes the tears from her eyes, angered by this.
    "Then I'll run away!" she replies. "To where...you can never leave this place for you don't know the outside world." He tells her. "I...I...I don't care. Anywhere is better than here!" she replied in anger. "Enough of this! Edgar!!!" he yelled. A tall bushy mustashed man in blue striped pants and black leather jacket comes to the living room. "You called sir." He answers nicely. "Yes, take Olivia to her room and have her prepare for the rehersal." Richard asked forcfully. "As you wish sir." He relies, unaffected by Richard's rage. Olivia gets up from her chair and marches off to her room. Going down the hallway, Edgar asks, "Why do you not want to marry?" "If u knew the evil blob of meat for who he was then you would see why." she answers. "I suppose, but the only reason I'm still here is because I willing let myself work for free. I have no where else to go but here." he said sorrily. "I'm sorry if I did anything to hurt you, Edgar." she apoligizes. Then he says, "I'm not going to force to marry Matthew Conway but I will do the family and me good, if u go through with it." They artrive to her room, and she closes the door behind her. She runs to her bed and cries. "My life is ruined, if only I could escape this." An ominous wind blows in her room and she sees something coming from the cold snow outside. The figure comes in the room through the window with a blue glow. A cold shiver goes down her back as it reaches out its hand for her.

    To be continued......