• My Life Changed After I Met A Little Creature I Never Was Suppose To Meet.My Mom Is A Vampire And My Dad Was Normal Until He Met My Mom.Someone Killed Him When I Was Born October 31 1997.I Never Knew Who My Dad Was,Never Knew What My Mom Was And I Never Knew What My Life Planned For Me.

    I Woke Up From The Smell Of Waffle's And The Hollering Of My Mom Trying To Get Me Up From My Bed.I Sat up Blinking Trying To Wake Up From Sleep.I Grabbed My Glasses And Headed For The Bathroom Listening To The Creaking Of The Wooden Floor.I Sighed Looking At Myself In The Mirror.My Hair Looked Messy,The Under Of My Eye's Were Baggy Of Helpless Sleep And My Skin Was Still It's Natural Pale Skin.I Brushed My Hair,Brushed My Teeth And Got Dressed In A Black Skull Shirt,Skinny Jean's And Converse.I Walked Down The Stair's Hoping The First Day Of School Was Going To Be Alright.I Snucked My I-pod In My Backpack Before I Said Good-bye To My Mom And Wishing My Little Brother Seth For His First Day Of School.As Soon As I Walked Out The Door I Felt The Stare's Of People Boring Into Me.I Got On The Bus Walking To The Backseat.Prep's Were Watching My Every Move.I Sat Down Next to A Boy Who Was Looking Out The Window Staring At The Tree's As We Drived Past Them.I Sighed Looked Away And Was Searching My I-pod When I Heared A Soft Voice."Hi."The Boy Sitting Next To Me Said."Hey."I Said Back Looking At Him.He Had Pale Skin,Sweet Brown Eye's And Shaggy Black Hair With Blue Streak's.