• On a warm summer evening, I sniffed around looking for fresh prey that have recently been on the trail. I heard a rustle in the woods, I looked up, followed the trail. I heard another rustle, it didn't sound like a prey though, it sounded like something my size. "Hello?" I called out. As I watched, a dark shadow emerged from in between the thick brushes and sneered "Hello. My name is Sharpclaw, what's yours?" "Matt, why?" I asnwered. "Looks like you are in need of a wolf pack, Matt. You can ask our leader, Mistpelt she'll gladly let you in, if you say please, that is." he offered. " Awsome! When can I start?" I yelped. "Ok, follow me," Sharpclaw barked.

    Later we arrived at a dark alley in town right next to a Deli I've watched through a person's window before named Mario's Deli whose motto was "Come'a down to Mario's Deli where'a every meat is served!" I can see why they chose this place to be their hideout. A bright gray wolf jumped off of a large FedEx box and started to walk towards me. "Hello Sharpclaw, I see you have brought back a new friend." She said politely. "Call me Matt please," I asked in a calm voice, trying to talk over my rumbling stomach. "I see you are hungry Matt, come on lets go see where the leftover meat is," Mistpelt said in a very inviting voice.

    "You satisfied?" She asked. "Yes Miss Mistpelt" I managed to say without burping. "Come on, we will give you your new name when we get back, Ok?" She barked. Later on, when the moon was bright and I could see at least 10 to 20 eyes gazing at me. "Matt, because of your pitch black pelt and your very agile stepping, from now on you will be called, Steathclaw. I am very honored to have you in the pack," Once she was done the whole place rumbled with wolves howling "to Lightningpack!" So I joined along with them. "To Lightningpack!" blaugh