• In foolish tales of men, Parrots have been the subject of humor. We have been degraded by humor whether it be while we are forced to sit on the shoulder of a filthy pillager in cheap worthless stories, or mocked by fools wearing makeup that make us look hideous.
    We have long since silently endured the mockery of humans, but we have exacted our revenge, one human at a time. One particular human, however, stands out in our long history.

    Madeline, completely infuriated, stomped into the forest. The children of her vilage constantly mocked her for her obvious lack of beauty. She was sick of hearing the word 'Beauty'. Today, however, Madeline caught a few words of her mother's little argument about how wonderous the forest was. Madeline decided to go and see the forest for hereslf for the first time.
    Madeline did not have such a good trip, at first. Bugs were everywhere. While ladybugs perched themselves on a leaf, a mosquito perched itself on Madeline's left arm. While she continued, vigorously scratching her arm, a feather as red as a cherry fell on her head. She looked it over, and knew she had never seen such a thing. Then, when Madeline looked up, two red birds were sitting proudly on a branch above her head, colors seemed to blur off them in a wonderful frenzy.
    Days passed, and Madeline often revisted the two birds, naming them 'Lemo' and 'Nade'. Often she would find herself there late into the hours of night. Once, when she came home to infuriated parents, her father was so angry, he decided to get rid of Madeline's precious friends. When he had sold them for a decent price, Madeline mourned her losses for the rest of her days.

    Years have passed slow and fast, and Madeline often finds herself sitting on the railing of a large building. The future has come and past for Madeline, she never reunited with her Parrot friends.
    But, when Madeline looked into the sky, she could have sworn she saw a small red cloud, small enough to be a puff of red smoke. People were pointing at the sky. It was not normal at all to see a single parrot in the sky these days, much less six or seven.
    But the group had work to do. They wanted to exact revenge on a girl, one who had ruined their parents lifes, selling them to freaks. The parrots spotted her easily; Madeline was still grieving. She had sewn her mouth and worn clothes closly resembling that of the cherry feather she found the day she discovered beauty.
    The parrots were clever, and approached her with lies of giving Madeline the ability of flight, and she took the bait. She smiled at the parrots, painful as it was, and prepared to jump out of the window she was standing in.
    The day was fairly foggy down below, and when Madeline jumped, she had no idea that she ever hit the ground.
    Madeline was alive when she died, and she died a happy death. She was smiling and laughing when her face met the hard earth.