• Violet's teardrops hit the damp forest floor as she ran past the trees. How could Hemlock betray her, she thought. He told the great king queen Bellemie that her familly had been hidding the Stone of Sky. Now they're all dead. Her whole family!
    Heavy rain began to fall, soaking her long flowing brown hair. She wiped the tears from her emrald eyes and sheletred herself with her dark velvet cloak.
    'I'm sorry,' called a familiar voice behind her. She could tell he was following her. 'Voilet...'
    She felt an hand grab her wrist, swing her around. She saw his short, colour changing hair and pale blue eyes.
    'Prince Bellemie,' she gasped.
    'In the flesh,' chuckled Iggy. 'Violet, come stay at the castle.'
    'I don't want to see your mother,' cried Violet.
    'She wasn't the one who ordered the guards to kill your family,' said Iggy, 'it was my half brother Cameron. He's a real idiot.'
    'Serious?,' asked Violet. 'Was your mom mad?'
    'Furious,' said Iggy, wiping away her tears. 'Dad's hair was deep maggenta when I left. And don't worry, my mom is gonna bring your family back.'
    'But Hemlock is on the loose,' said Violet. 'The little guy is gonna raise Hell all over Ardia.'
    'We'll worry about that later,' said Iggy, as he began to morph. 'Hop on my back. I'll take ya to the castle.' Violet hopped onto to warewolf-Iggy's back and burried herself in his fur.
    As the trees flew past her, Violet's heart grew lighter. She felt safe with Iggy. He was her friend, and so much more.
    ~~~~~Part 2~~~~~

    Violet and Iggy stood outside the castle walls. Iggy was trying despratly to get the attention of one the guards. Violet sighed heavily.
    'Iggy, this isn't working,' she said.
    'Hey you up there!' Iggy continued to shout, 'Let us in! For Rose's sake.' Suddenly, the large wooden door opened.
    'Thank Sky,'gasped Violet, as they walked int the large hall.
    'Big bro,' called a voice from the shadows,'where you been?' She stepped into the light. Violet saw she had pale blue eyes, like Iggy, and long brown hair. 'Who's this?'
    'Violet, this is Max,' said Iggy. Max smiled.
    'Princess Maxime, it's a honour,' said Violet.
    'How are they,' asked Iggy. Max made a gulping sound, as if she were drinking. 'Oh good god.'
    'What,' asked Violet, turning to Iggy.
    'You'd suspect, but...' Iggy's voice trailed of.
    'I don't understand,' siad Violet.
    'Mom and Dad aren't your average king and queen,' explained Max. 'They're not very serious. They're really fun, and loose. You'll see what I mean.'
    'Where are they?' asked Iggy. Max pointed at down the hall.
    'Thier room,' she said.
    Iggy took Violet's hand and led her don the hall. They stopped in front of large door. He slowly turned the knob. 'Beware,' he wispered. He pushed open the door. Violet gasped.
    The walls were covered in beautiful paintings. She gazed wide eyed in awe at the details in every one of them.
    'Hey Iggy,' said a women, who was standing in front of an easel, paintbrush in hand. ' You brought a *hick* friend.' She had long, dark brown hair that was the same colour as her eyes.
    She looked around the easel. Violet followed her gaze to see, to her horror, a naked man laying stretched out on a couch. He had colour changing hair and pale blue eyes.
    'So, I see your busy painting dad nude,'said Iggy, who didn't seem as disturbed as Violet, 'so we'll go do something else. Something that doesn't involve watching you paint dad nude. Okay, mom?'
    'Whatever,' she replied. As Iggy and Violet began to leave, Iggy's father, Matthew, fell of the couch. 'Bell, who was that kid?'
    'I don't know Auri, I don't know,' he replied.