• Normal people would be scared talk to people who looked scared and would look like they were about to die any second. Normal people would just go with the crowd if the crowd let them in, not me... my friends from Mississippi -where my dad Dav lives- said i was totally UN-predictable and not normal, like i would do the exact opposite of what normal people would do....which was exactly the case considering i was a guard for the mythical world.
    Being a guard for the mythical world wasn't that hard... there were few laws actually. You had to only keep our existence a secret, you couldn't tell anyone you were a guardian even other mythical people. You also couldn't turn anyone into a guard without speaking to the kings of the guards and if you do tell anyone you were a guard YOU had to kill them. Which was why i never really wanted any friends if they figured out what i was they would have to die. If you wanted to stop being a guard you had to speak to the kings of the guardian - the kings of the guards for the mythical world- and a few other rules that no one really pays attention to because there rarely broken.
    I moved with my mom to Juneau in Alaska, when i called the cops on my dad -when i lived with him- because he abused me by slapping me in the face and giving me scares. After all the times my dad hurt me i forgave knowing it didn't matter if i did or didn't, i had scars from when he would burn me, cut me, and punch me -accident or not- i would still forgive him. I decided I've had enough and called the cops on him i knew i would move with my mom and i glad because i loved the cold. There was just something about the heat that i hated, it wasn't that hot in Mississippi it was just my dad. My dad was devastated but my mom was glad, my mom knew about my dad abusing me and she was glad i was away from him. I moved with my mom about three weeks ago and i was just about to start school. The first week my mom just let me get settled in, the second week we went to get my new car my mom had insisted to help me pay for it but i wouldn't let her. I got a silver 2001 Benz CL MSRP Mercedes for $70,000 it was a lot of money there's no denying it but I've been saving up for a long time. I had a job back in Mississippi and ever since then I've been saving up for a knew car . The third week my mom just took me a bunch of places to show me around a bit and not to mention i got accepted in Deminson high and was starting on Wednesday. When Wednesday came around i got my clothes ready and set. I was wearing a light neon blue top that said Pacsun across it with my black sweater that wasn't all bulgy, i was wearing dark blue skinny jeans with a blue and white belt and vans that had colorful squares everywhere so it matched anything i wore. I got my schedule in the mail already...all i needed to do was find my classes. It wasn't so hard the school small about 800- 900 kids in the school. I left for school not in the mood one bit... i parked my car where everyone else did hoping i got it right and wouldn't stand out to much at school. It was the complete opposite, everyone was in fluffy sweaters, teni-shoes everything i didn't wear. This was not gonna be good...
    "Hey my name is Mike you must be Jess. Your mom has been talking about you a lot " the guy smiled at me playfully, he had short brown hair with light brown eyes. He wore a black shirt with blue pants really blank.
    "Um.. yes that's me" He smiled at me, probably glad i was talking to him...
    "So whats your first class? Maybe i have your class" I already knew the schedule by heart...just i needed the classes which wasn't so easy.
    "I have first period science with Mr. Beskie do you have him?" He beamed so i guess that was a yes.
    "Actually i do I'll show you where it is, the bells about to ring to so we better get going"
    When we got to class I gave the teacher my schedule -for some reason they needed it- and sat down in a seat the teacher assigned me. I was assigned to sit next to a kid that didn't seem out of the ordinary, he didn't seem popular but at the same time he didn't seem out of the circle of the main kids. I didn't even bother to talk to him it was just my first day anyway. After that I went to calculus with Ms. Verdant, Mike didn't have her but he was nice enough to show me where the class room was and since i was new he wouldn't get in trouble if he was late to his next class. The guy i sat next to was fair skinned he looked Mexican, he was wearing a big black jacket and blue jeans with a chain attached to the front of the pants to the back. His hair was black and a little longer then other guys hair here, his eyes were really dark brown though almost looking black.
    "Hey, my name is drake. You are?" Drake said he didn't really look very curious about his question, just trying to be nice i guess.
    "Jess, I'm shocked you don't know" I gave a fake laugh.
    "Oh your that new girl that moved down from Mississippi,am i right?" This time it sounded like he was actually curious which was odd cause i didn't find myself that interesting.
    "Yeah that's me"
    "Sounds like your mom is relieved to have you away from your dad. She said that she was just glad your not with your dad no more and that you might just get beaten to death because of him. Sounds pretty cruel to me" Hm, sounds like me and my mother were going to have a little talk later today, I didn't like it when she would say stuff about him like that even if it was true.
    "If you don't mind I would like it if you don't mention that to anyone and please don't bring that up again. I don't like it when people talk about him like that" I snapped at him, there was a bit of more acid in my voice then i wanted and it probably didn't help me with my friendliness.
    "Okay, geez i didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything i was just curious. I won't being it up again I promise, not to anyone" he held up his hand to show that he meant it. I relaxed when i realized he meant it and was glad i didn't have to talk about this subject.
    "Thanks, sorry if i was sounding so rude but i just don't like people bring him up" I frowned at the thought of my father's last emotion i had of him... sad, mad, and very desperate.
    "It's okay i know how you feel. Well kinda my grandma died a couple of months ago we were really close and whenever someone talks about there grand-parents it just makes me really sad" his eyes tightened while he tried to keep his voice even but i could hear the shake in his voice getting ready to betray him.
    "Oh im so sorry" It seemed like i had a lot in common with him, no wonder why he dressed so saddening.
    "It's okay we both know each others pain so i guess we feel sorry for each other" He smiled at me obviously happy that the subject was changed.
    "Yeah th-" i was cut off by the teacher saying it was time to pack up. I put my math book in my backpack holding my science book in my hands and walked out the room and waited for Drake.