• I was walking in the park, with a book in my hand. I didn't watch where I was going and I tripped!
    "Whoa!" I cried.
    I fell into the hard ground and looked at what I tripped on. It was someone either snoozing or blacked out.
    "Hey! Watch where you're laying at! I just tripped over you!" I shouted.
    No answer.
    "Oh, now you're being rude! I'm talking to you here!" I shouted again.
    About twenty paces away, I heard an "Oh, crap!" from someone. I looked behind me and looked, nothing.
    "Great, I'm going nuts." I muttered.
    Then someone shouted:
    "Hey! Leave my body alone, creep!"
    I turned around again and saw some guy behind me, he looked like someone I seen from school.
    "Ichigo?! What's going on and what the heck are you wearing?!" I shouted.
    "Momoko?! What are you doing here?!" shouted Ichigo.
    "Wait, if you're here and this is your body, then......YOU"RE A GHOST!" I cried.
    "Oh for crying out loud! Do I have to tell you everything?" asked Ichigo.
    "Ichigo! Don't even leave your gigai lying around....who is that?" asked Rukia.
    "Momoko, she's one of the new kids in my school." replied Ichigo.
    "If you are not a ghost, then what are you Ichigo?" I asked.
    "Let me tell you when I'm in my body, okay?" asked Ichigo.
    I nodded. He went back into his body, got up, and told me the truth.
    "So, that's the truth. Still, how come you can see me?" asked Ichigo.
    "Don't know. I find it hard to believe that you're a soul reaper Ichigo. You're a loudmouth at school." I replied.
    I think I problably should not have said that.
    "Why don't you call me a loudmouth at my face?!" he shouted.
    "Uh-oh." I said.
    I ran all around the park with Ichigo on my tail and there's people staring at us.
    "Get back here you little piece of crap!" shouted Ichigo.
    He chased me almost all day, until I got tired and gave up.