• I quickly climbed onto the bus and sat down in the back, staring out the window as I waited to get to school. "If he gets on this bus, I swear....." My voice trailed off as I saw Shade standing at what looked to be his bus stop. "Please let us pass him, please let us pass him!" My prayers were ignored as the bus slowly came to a halt at Shade's stop. "Damn it!" I whispered to myself.

    ((Shade's Point of View!!))

    I climbed on the bus and immediately looked toward the back. Stella was sitting in the far back with a pissed look on her face. I smirked, I knew it was because of me. As I passed the other seats on my way back, backpacks and purses were moved, kids were shoved from their seats, and some scooted over.

    This was partly why I normally ditched school, like I did at my other schools. All the attention I got from the girls were annoying and made me wish I had never been born. But, I would endure this school year only because I finally meet a girl who didn't sigh at every breath I took, and who didn't try to bat their eyelashes every time I walked by.

    As I reached the back, Stella avoided all eye contact and didn't move her backpack. I smiled and sat in the seat across from her, receiving a glare from her.

    "Good morning." I said politely. I chuckled when she grunted in reply.

    "Go away." Stella said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

    "What's the matter?"

    "You, now go away."

    "Me? Why--" I was cut off as a group of girls who had just gotten on swarm me. I sighed. These were the girls who had swarmed me during lunch.

    "Good morning Shade." The pink haired one said. I had already forgotten all their names.

    "Good morning....."


    "Hazel." I repeated. I would probably forget that name again by tomorrow morning. Names of the girls who I really didn't care about were always forgotten quickly.

    "So Shade, what are you doing sitting near this.......thing." She said, twirling a strand of hair around her finger as she indicated Stella.

    "She's cute." Even though her face was turned away I could still see the blush across Stella's face. I looked away from her and toward Hazel. She was definitely surprised by this comment. To bug her more, I moved Stella's bag to the floor and sat next to her. Hazel was even more disturbed by this, but not as much as Stella was. Stella had looked up from her staring contest with nature outside of the window and toward me with a look of surprise across her face.

    ((Stella's Perspective.))

    I was surprised by the fact that Shade had moved next to me. But that wasn't what bothered me so much, what bothered me was the fact that he was so close. He was practically right on top of me! I grabbed my bag and attempted to move over, but only got about to move an inch or so. I was still blushing after hearing what he had said to the other girls, and tried to keep my face down.

    "But....but....she's ugly!!" I heard Hazel said. She had probably been surprised by the actions of Shade, but she had gotten back to her senses.

    "No she's not. She's the cutest person I know." I heard Shade's voice say before a shadow darkened the little space I had.

    I looked up to see two things. One was the shocked looked on Hazel's face, and two was the approaching face of Shade. He was leaning closer and closer to me. I froze, thinking. A quick glance outside told me that we were near school, and that some girls in front were staring with their hawk-like stares. I attempted to push him away, out he merely brushed it off and continued his slow advance.

    Well, so much for that. I thought as I stared up at Shade. A sudden jerk thrusted me toward the front of the seat and I looked up to see we were at school. Saved! I stood up and raced down the aisle toward the bus door. As I stepped off, I sighed and headed toward the school building.