• 2 years later…

    “How much longer, Gibson?” The black haired blue-eyed leader asked from his chair in the middle of the controll room.

    “Two more hours, Chiro.” The blue robot monkey rplied in his funny british accent.

    Chiro nodded and stood from his chair. Jinmay had been right. It has taken two years traveling at light speed just to get to their destination. Hopefully it would be worth the travel. Those poor souls.

    The most shocking part was that Jinmay had said that she sent the eil there. But why? She was supposidly good. Had she turned evil after her capture? But of course, Chiro understood why she would. He had, after all, been powerless to save her, letting her fall into the clutches of Skeleton king. Some boyfriend he turned out to be.

    Chiro laid down on his bed, sighing deep, and let his mind go back to that one night, the night he thought he lost the girl he fell in love with.


    “Insolence boy!” Skeleton yelled at the top of his lungs, using his newfound power to throw Chiro across the room.

    “Chiro!” jinmay screamed, her green eyes filling with tears as she ran to her blue eyed boyfriend.

    “Stay put, wench!” Skeleton king directed his power to her, scooping her up in one single motion, and brought her to him. She kicked, trying to free herself from his grasp. He reached a hand out and grabbed her right arm.

    “No!” chiro screamed from the other side of the room.

    When Skeleton King touched Jinmay`s arm, a bright, white light shone, elimanating the two into it. The hyperforce were knocked out from the intensity, the last thing they heard from their dear friend and team member were her cries of agony.

    -End flashback-

    But now they knew she was alive. Only she might be evil. Chiro sighed again.

    Knock Knock…

    “Come in.” He simply muttered. The door opened to revieal the clam of the team, Antauri.

    “We will be at our destination in a minute. Come to the controll room.”

    “Ill be there.”

    He didn’t watche as Antauri nodded and took his leave, only focused on the ceiling, clutching Jinmay`s heart necklas.


    Jinmay watched as her old team walked about on the barren planet, completely destroyed. After two years of thinking, her anger for their leader ebbed, and she knew that he could not have done anything to save her anyways.

    But she had been the one to defeat Skeleton King. She was the most powerful in the galaxy. And ow she was using her powers to manipulate the only team strong enough to kill her to do her own dirty work.

    Jinmay grinned.

    She was strong enough, but she was still weak against that damned dragon and those three witches. Yes, that was exactly what she was doing.

    She stepped out from the shadows, full beauty showing. Her knee legnth dress blowing in the little breeze. Her long hair slapping her face.

    “Jinmay.” Nova muttered. Said girl smiled a little. She missed her friends. But she needed freedom.

    “What have you done?” Sprx asked, anger shining in his eyes. He shoved Nova behind him, and act that had Jinmay smiling yet again, in a weak effort to protect his beloved.

    “I have done nothing, Sprx. The dragon did.”

    “But you sent it here.”

    “Actually, I lied.”

    The team was stunned.

    “W-what?” Gibson sputtered, dumbfounded.

    “I knew that the only way to get your help was to lie. So I did.”

    “But we would have helped anyway!” Otto hollered.

    “You never know, my friend.”

    Jinmay smiled and opened her arms, which Otto came running into.

    “I missed you, Jinmay. Never leave me again.” Otto muttered with a sniffle into her shoulder. The team laughed.

    “I guess its better than beleiving you were evil.” Sprx muttered, embarrased.

    “I guess it is.” The green eyed girl copied. Yes, everyone guessed, it was a good thing she was not evil. For with one words she could kill them all. The only friends she had ever had. The only family she had ever known.