• Have you ever stop loving because of one reason. The reason to just let ‘them’ play with your heart and then throw it away. I haven’t but those around me have, we live in an immune world full of hateful, cruel, idiot womanizer, who can never understand a women heart at all.

    Like one saying: “ It's okay to let a fool kiss you, but don't let a kiss fool you.” - Anonymous


    Frowning, I stared at the man letting out a small smirk, “ Love, is that the only thing you girls think about, love is just a word with no meaning to it.”

    Wrong; love wasn’t the only thing on our mind, caring and affection was too. We woman, wanted a man to show his true self to us. Rather then being an immature jerk who teases us as if we were still like little kids, playing Hide & Seek.

    “ B-but o-ppa, I love you, we shared a moment together.” The woman shutter. [ Oppa = older guy. ]

    “That moment was nothing to me, it was just like an ordinary ‘sex’ session, because you see love is the only word coming out of your mouth, but your also pathetic like all those other girls, I’ve slept with.” He said, throwing his cigarette down. That was plain harsh.

    Love; is the only reason why they never stay with one girl at a time, they were just a toy to play with and mess with their heart. That’s why loving had no reason to me, because love was just a imprudent word to me, now.

    “ OPPA!” She yelled, tears streaming down her eyes, as he left her stranded.

    Truth be told, right in front of me, wasn’t any ordinary couple or strangers, it was my solo friend, Hyomi, who cherish nothing but love. Even if she had to put her friends and family to the side, love was her main thing.

    “You can do better, your gorgeous, how about we hit it tonight 8?” I asked,
    kicking the rock near me.

    “Yeah, haha, I’m so stupid, I thought he was the one, we shared those perfect moment, like true lovers.” Hyomi frowned, as a single tear escaped her flawless face.

    “ Hyomi, he’s not worth you, he’s just another man after you body.” I answered, leaning against her shoulder.

    “ Thanks, Eunnie, no wonder they love you, your like a philosopher.” Hyomi laughed, as she grabbed my hands, dragging me into the pitiful forest. Even if she wasn’t there for us, we were for her. Hyomi wasn’t your tough girl at all, she had a softy spot for everyone that’s why.