• Miyu rolled over to her side. She was lying in bed, trying to go back to sleep. It’s already been five hours and she hasn’t dreamt a single thing. Well this was to be expected because she’s only able to dream at night, when the moons up.
    There was a knock at the door. “Milady, there’s a man here to see you” without waiting for a reply, the maid opens the door, followed by a large man that was out of breath. Miyu immediately sat up to face them.
    “M—Milady” he wheezed. “There has been a…a thief running amuck”
    Thief? Miyu nods, showing interest to what the man was saying.
    “He’s a boy, about fifteen, around your age. And he stole my precious jewel. A necklace I got from a dear from of mine”
    The maid glares at him, silently telling him to hurry up.
    “Well me and some others chased him through the woods and he fell down deep in a hole. I don’t care for the boy, but the problem is that he still has my necklace! He might’ve hidden it somewhere or sold it to somebody, so what I wanted to ask you was if you can tell me where my jewel is?”
    Miyu showed fake sympathy for the man. He’s just some selfish crude, just like all the others who come for her help. She stares at his pleading eyes, his hands cupped together—desperate. Finally she nods and holds up a hand, meaning there’s more to what she has to say.
    “Boy” her voice was firm. “I want…see boy” talking was still a struggle for her.
    Miyu speaking baffled the maid, but not the man. “Boy? You want me to take you to where the thief is?” he asks.
    Miyu nods—something she does very often. “We go…now” she gets up and heads for a coat that was hanging in the closet, only to be stopped halfway by the maid.
    “You mustn’t, Milady!” she says fearfully. “Not in your condition! Your body is too weak and isn’t stable enough to venture outdoors”
    To make matters worse, her mother enters the room, drawn in by the loudness of the maid. “What’s going—Miyu!” she gasps. “What are you doing? You cannot leave this room! If you do, you will threaten your life”
    Then man looked back and forth, confused and awkward about the situation.
    Miyu was angry. She never got to leave home. In fact, she barley even leaves her own room! “I don’t…care!” she screams out.
    Her mother was dumbfounded. Miyu had never acted this way, ever. She’s always a polite girl that always listens. If she spoke back then, her tone wouldn’t have been like this.
    I don’t care, I don’t care! Miyu clenches her fists. Let me leave. She doesn’t want to be in the house any longer. Running away from home was always her wish, ever since she was little. But her fragile body wouldn’t let her wish come true. It was because of her gift. People got scared of her so much that they poisoned her on her seventh birthday. Luckily she survived, but it won’t be long till…
    “Hun” her mother says with a more sweet voice, straining the anger away. “Why don’t you have a rest? It’s nearly six o’ clock” it’s obvious that she was trying to get Miyu’s mind away from leaving.
    Miyu shakes her head then stops. Almost six? She turns to the window and sees the sky fading to dark. It’s almost night; soon the moon will be out. The moon. Miyu ponders. I can dream.
    “Um…” the man mumbles. Everyone has forgotten about him till now. “I was just wonder—”
    “Yes, well we’ll take care of it” Miyu’s mom interrupts, nodding towards the maid.
    “But I—”
    “Come” now he was interrupted by the maid. “Milady will see to your problems tonight, so rest assured” she urges the man out of the room and leads him outside, leaving Miyu with her mother.
    Miyu doesn’t bother to look at her. “Sleep…I need” then she makes her way to her bed and pulls the sheets over her.
    “…okay” her mom turns to leave but before she closes the door, she says, “I’m sorry. Someday you’ll be able to go outside, I promise” then there was a click as she shut the door.
    Miyu stares up at the almost visible moon, her words running over through her mind like a voice recorder. Someday you’ll be able to go outside, I promise.
    And with that, she closes her eyes, ready to sleep. To dream.