• “How did I get in this mess?” Hunter asked himself. The walls of his dungeon were black as night and gave an evil stare. His chains like an ex-girlfriend, unwilling to let go. It all had started on his 17th birthday. “Hey Hunter!” he heard a voice say, “Get up!” Hunter lazily got up and checked outside. His best friend Kami was there. “Oh, hey Kami, what’s up?” Hunter replied, still rubbing his eyes. “Since it’s your birthday, you can have the day off.” Kami was Hunters best friend, Kami also owned a small shop were Hunter worked. “Oh thanks Kami, appreciate it.” Hunter said with a smile “One more thing, Kauro would like to see you.” The old swordsman?” Hunter inquired. The old man rarely spoke to anyone. “Yeah, he left a note at the shop door.” “Ummm, ok I guess I better get going.” Hunter said as he climbed down the stairs of his tree home. “See ‘ya later! And thanks again!” Hunter shouted as he dashed off. He raced to find the old man. If he left a note, it must be important. Hunter approached the door. But before he even knocked, the door swung open and there was Kauro. “I’ve been waiting for you, young Hunter. Please, do come in.” he said in a rather gruff voice. Hunter was surprised, never had the swordsman invited anyone in. The old man gestured towards some wooden chairs. “Have a seat.” Hunter did as he was told and sat down. The old man proceeded with his reason.

    “The world is in ruins. Our town is the last of its kind, still protected from shadows. A legend says that on the day of the ancient hero’s death, another hero will rise.” “Me?” asked Hunter, “I work in a shop, I’m no hero.” “Hold this sword.” commanded the senior. Hunter obeyed and held the long sword. The rusty sword immediately transformed into a legendary sword. “This is the Hero’s Blade. It’s powerful, but you can find 2 more swords and make the Archangels Blade. Take it and go to Ice Cap. There you will find the first sword, but the guard Overseer won’t let you have it so easily.” “Overseer?” Asked Hunter. “Yes, a powerful knight, once a hero, but turned evil for immortality.” “Go now young hunter, and take this enchanted armor. Its abilities will unlock as you grow stronger.” “Ok, I won’t fail you.” Hunter replied, eyes burning with determination. “Let’s hope so…” mumbled Kauro, as Hunter left the house. “Let’s hope so…” Hunter ran across Termina Field. The first task was to get the Frostbite Blade, once owned by the Ice Lord, but now locked away in the Ice Cap of Darkness. As he ran he encountered an old cannon. “Maybe this can help me get to the Ice Cap.” He felt something in his pocket. It was a Bomb bag. Attached was a note. “I hope this helps you with your journey-Kauro” Hunter smiled and loaded a bomb in the rear of the cannon. He climbed into the barrel and waited. The cannon roared as Hunter was launched into the Ice Cap Mountain. “I made it, but it’s so cold...” He entered the massive temple. He felt as if he was being watched. “No other enemies, no locked doors, something’s wrong…” Hunter was right. A shadow lay watching him from above. It primed its shadow blade. “Soon enough young hero…soon enough…” The shadow dashed towards the next room, hoping to be undetected. The young hero walked though the corridor. No one or thing was in sight. It was way to quiet. At last he reached the final, or what appeared to be final, room. He searched for a key. He found one buried under some snow. It was huge, smaller than the Hero’s Blade, but long enough to be heavy. He inserted the key into the lock. As he did, he felt like someone was behind him. He drew his sword into a defensive position and turned to see the possible threat. There was nothing, nothing but the dark abyss. He stared, knowing if he stared long enough, the abyss would stare back. He seemed to see red eyes, thinking it was his imagination he turned and entered the door. The second he entered the room, there was a sound, a soft rumbling. Like footsteps, coming closer and closer. The rumble intensified as Hunter turned. Nothing in sight, or was it there, but in the shadows? One last turn and there it was. The Overseer! It raised its long Shadow Blade and swung down. “No!” Hunter yelled The blade came down and Hunter flew back in pain. “Ouch…” He muttered as he fought to get up. “That was a strike from Death Whisper! I will make sure you see your end boy! The Frostbite Blade stays here!” Overseer yelled. Hunter stood. He faced the Dark Knight and spoke. “Your tough, but I need that blade to save the country, and I won’t stop until I get it.” He shouted. This courage was short lived. The Death Whisper crashed down on him once again. He was slammed into a corner of the room and looked up. “This, This is your end boy!” the black knight exclaimed. “No… I can’t let it end this way…” The Overseer lifted Death Whisper for the final strike. “No...No...NOOOOO!” Hunter blared. The sword darks sword came down. Hunter pulled the Hero’s Blade out. The sword grew closer, it came down, and down, there was no time to think, only act. Then a loud vibration was heard. The Overseer smiled, assuming Hunter had died in the attack, just turned and walked towards the Frostbite Blade. Out of nowhere the anti knight dropped to his knees. “What could be happening? I killed the fool!” The warrior gradually stood and felt his back. A huge gash had torn his armor. To his surprise, Hunter had survived. The Hero’s Blade glowed with a Heroes Aura. “That’s impossible!” yelled the evil one. Hunter let out a roar and struck again. The knight fell. He knew he could no longer win. “I have lost…take the blade young hero…” Those were the last words he ever said. His soul lifted out of the armor and the armor was reduced to ashes. Hunter proceeded in taking the Frostbite Blade. He was transported back to Termina Field. “Whoa… That was weird.” His armor glowed and changed color. From the dull silver came a shiny platinum. A voice spoke to him through his mind. “This armor gives power to the Hero’s Blade. Your strikes are twice as powerful.” The voice seemed to come and go with the wind. Hunter knew what he had to go. “The Flame Sword is in He-, I mean the Underworld.” He sprinted across the field passing Nimue’s Lake. It had dried up, but maybe with both swords he could refill it, destroying the remaining shadows, but that was something else. Right now he had to get to the Underworld. Pyrus guarded this sword. It’s a good thing he had the Frostbite Blade that was the monsters weakness. At last, he reached the Gate. “No guards…” That wasn’t unusual. The gate had been unprotected for years, but no one dares to enter. “I know what I must do!”

    He opened the gate and was absorbed into the fiery glow. It was not as he had pictured. The gates were down, the towns in ruins, but it was still boiling. He explored the town and found a shopkeeper. “What’s wrong?” Hunter asked. The citizen looked up surprised to see Hunter. “Our King has been killed by Pyrus, that you must know, but the Flame Sword, treasure of our land, is destroying us! We can take some heat, but its getting to hot! I was entrusted to find where this gem could be placed. It belongs to some strange armor. Now one has been able to fit its unique pattern, maybe you sir?” “Umm, sure. Try putting it in the center of my armor.” Hunter felt a surge of strong heat ,it brought him to the ground. Soon the rush left and Hunter staggered to get up. The gem fit perfectly into the center slot. “I don’t believe it…you…you must save us!” The Shop man desperately cried out. “You can take the Flame Sword if you save us!” “Sounds fair, I need the sword anyway.” Hunter took towards Ignacia Cave the hottest spot in the world. The gem seemed to provide hunter with resistance to the heat. He ventured through the caves. Getting lost a few times only to find out he needed a Key. “Damn, I better find that small key.” He spat out. It was no easy task. The caves were huge and un-predictable. He had almost fallen into a pit of lava while searching for the door he needed the key for. He saw it a stretch ahead. “Yes!” he emitted. He was unaware the ground under him was very weak. He started off towards the key and heard a growling like noise. More like a groan of weakness. He took another step and noticed it was the ground! It was ready to give in! “I have to go very slowly.” he silently said. He took cautious steps, the groaning growing every step. His eyes dashed across every where. He sweat like crazy. He felt numb, but tried to revive himself. He decided he couldn’t panic. It seemed that he made it safely. He let out a sigh of relief. He reached for the key and dropped through the ground. “What the?” he said as he reached for the ledge. He had to get that key and sword. There was no way he would give up. He reached for the higher rock. Hoping, praying it was strong enough to hold his weight. The Fire Pit under him was the least of his problems. The falling Frostbite Blade as. If he lost it, the world was doomed. “Come on Hunter!” he thought to himself “You have to climb up!” He climbed and climbed, eventually reaching the top. “Whew, that was a close one…” He took the key and left the room. Watching as the dry rock crumbled under his feet.

    He opened the door, surprised to find the final door so soon. There was a twist though. A key wasn’t needed, something else was. Hunter was puzzled, he knew of nothing to open the door. He tried using a bomb, but there was no effect. “Wait, the Frostbite Blade, maybe…” Hunter took out the icy blade and inserted into the slot. The chains fell and the door opened. He took the sword and entered. Finally! He could get the Flame Sword and save Ferina. He searched for Pyrus. No sign of him. Well it appeared so. He drew Frostbite, knowing the Hero’s Blade was no match. He stepped into the center and was suddenly surrounded by small embers. “Pyrus must be approaching!” though Hunter. He was right. The embers turned into flames. Pyrus formed his body from the fire. “So, you think I will give you the Flame Sword? Not a chance!” The voice boomed. “The Overseer was weak, but I am strong!” “I will kill you like I did to him!” Hunter spat. “Lets see!” the fire deity said as he launched a torrent of flames. “Pora Ice Shield!” Hunter knew that that was one of the ice blades abilities. The shield was effective. Not a scratch on the shield or Hunter. “Icy wind!” The blade obeyed and let out a gust of chilly air attacked, freezing some of Pyrus’ body. “Ha ha ha! Is that the best you can do?!” It yelled as it summoned more flames. “The torches give him power, if I can freeze them long enough, I can finish Pyrus!” He continued with his plan. He froze a torch and say Pyrus laugh. “That won’t help you!” he divulged as he rained down more fire, but that didn’t stop Hunter. He advanced with his plan to freeze the torches. As soon as he did, Pyrus fell to the ground. “Impossible!” he babbled. Hunter slashed with the Frostbite and cut through Pyrus, but he wasn’t finished yet. Pyrus till had some power, that was enough to burn Hunter. “Heat Wave!” Pyrus exclaimed. The burst of heat damaged Hunter. “Fire Blast!” Pyrus roared as he let out a ring of fire. Hunter lifted the shield, but was knocked back by the blow. “Blizzard!” Hunter screamed, summoning the last of his strength into the blade, But it was well worth it. “NOOO! THIS CANNOT BE! I AM INVINCIBLE!!!!!” he let out a demonic roar and vanished. The Flame Sword fell from the rubble that was Pyrus. Hunter picked it up and smiled. His quest was over, or was it. The second the Flame Sword was in Hunter’s possession he fell to the ground unconscious. The last thing he could make out was a hooded figure taking him away.

    The figure dropped him into the dungeon and chained him up. It was a bit careless, Hunter still had his weapons. “That’s how I got into this mess, because of the old man…” Hunter thought. If he could focus his energy, he could summon his blade. “Focus Hunter, focus…” The Hero’s Blade glimmered in the aura Hunter summoned in his fight with the Overseer. The sword cut the chains and freed Hunter. He then held all three swords and transported himself to Nimue’s Lake, unaware that the figure was watching him. He warped and Stepped into the altar at the end of the road to the lake. “Archangels Blade!” He yelled. The swords spun in a circle around Hunter and blended into one. The completed weapon landed in his hand. He then pointed it at the sky and let out its never ending energy. The Twilight lifted and the shadows ceased. Sunlight flooded Termina Field. Flowers grew, trees burst into bloom, and the lake was refilled once more. “One day Hunter, One day…” the figure mumbled, as it ran towards his twilight infested castle.