• Summoning Chant

    "Alright what else do I need?"
    Demynayh looked down at the little leather bound book that she held in her hand. Then looked around the room. The room was illuminated by candlelight, and the smell of burning wax. A tiny bit of light leached through the curtains revealing the tiny pentagram on the floor.
    Life, Death, and Time. She thought.
    They were the people that she had to thank for her life. According to her father that is. The people that let her live this lonely life on earth.
    There's a reason why I die, dad. She thought angrily.
    Her blonde hair swirled around her and she turned to the table where second book laid as a reference. One more time checking to see if she had missed anything. Her exotically blue eyes searched the page double and triple checking for anything that could have been missed or looked over.
    Once she was certain there was nothing left she walked into the summer of the room.
    " I can't believe I have to resort to this." Demynayh said as she flipped through the pages of the little leather bound book, until she came to the summoning. The summoning was in a different language, lucky for Demynayh she knew exactly how to translate it. It was something her father had forced her to learn as a young girl.
    With one final sigh she began the chant that the book instructed.
    "'Calbushca mea lihes cameeas poles whoneata tick...'"
    Life, death, and time are three basic things we see every day...
    "'Beelife yukitie causes goata ca...'"
    I call to you, as an unworthy mortal and pray that you hear me. "'Mefeel jointic duringtwo treefla...'"
    I want nothing more than your assistance.
    "'Jacka lucas lonly bov caty et...'"
    As you humble servant I beg of you...
    In silence filled the room, Demynayh waited. Still nothing happened.
    " Be patient," Demynayh told herself, " These things take time. So just wait."
    The clock ticked for what seemed like eternity. It was so quiet she could even have the crickets outside. She began to think about the crickets looking for their mate and how much it seemed truly did as much as doing at that instant. She stopped herself, and she did more to think about being lonely and looking for help. She decided to give up, she always sale would never work.
    " I guess I just proved my father wrong. OH WELL, it's not like I thought it would work. " Demynayh said.
    But for some reason she wanted it to work, and she had no idea why. All she knew was that she need to come up with a new plan to stop the conspiracy that was happening all around her.
    With the that, Demynayh blew out the candles. All the while cursing for wasting her time. All she wanted to do was get out of that room and start conjuring up another idea. Yet, just before she close the door she looked up the middle of the pentagram and thought of the three gods, Naiieyeh, Constance, and Endyae.


    It's cold and dark. Wasn't it light out a second a go? And what is this feeling? Is it pain ?
    All these questions raced through his head as his vision began to clear. Suddenly he heard a voice.
    "Last to be born, last to wake up."
    He jolted up right.
    " Well hello there Mr. Sleepy head. We were starting to wonder if you were dead in their Endyae. " Said a tall man dress in white and black. His short black hair was white at the tips and his gray eyes were gleaming.
    " Shut up Constance. You know not afraid to kill you." Endyae replied, still in too much pain to come up with a better come back.
    "Oh yes, I'm so afraid of the guy with only one usable eye." Constance laughed, as he mocked him.
    " Did he finally wake up?" Asked another, shorter, boy with blonde hair. His golden eyes were filled with relief once he saw Endyae.
    This boy did not stand as tall or as confidently as Constance. He was more weaker and yet peaceful looking. His blonde hair seemed to make a halo around his head when it caught the light.
    " Shut up, both of you. You know it takes a lot more than that to kill me." Endyae said, as you reached for his eye patch that laid not too far away from him. He would be quite dangerous if he did not wear it.
    The patch had a symbol on it. It was like a mixture between a cross and some sort of devil worship.
    "Oh darn, and just when i finished booking your funeral home." Constance smirked. "Right Naiieyeh." Constance said turning to the other boy.
    " That's right Constance, poke the death god with a stick. And if you are please don't drag me into it." Naiieyeh said and eyeing Endyae to see if he would make a move that could kill them all. And
    Endyae got up his body still hurting. He didn't even bother turning around he just started walking."Let's go, Constance and I will finish this later."
    "Sure thing Brother." Constance replied "Come on Naiieyeh. You know how our brother hates to be held up."