• Introducing, Valentina

    Valentina was fighting with her father, yet again. He caught her learning how to use her powers. She was Half Leopard Demon and her father, who was a full human, hated her for it. He despised the fact that she had ruined his reputation, along with her mother. She had died protecting, a then small, Valentina from a Higher Class demon.
    “I am going to learn and nothing you can do can stop me!” She screamed at him, resisting the not to simply claw him with the claws that could come out of her fingers.
    “You will ruin my life even further if you do!” He shouted back at her.
    “All you care about is your precious reputation!” She yelled, putting a lot of hatred into that statement.

    “You love your work more than you love me! Or you loved mother! You never did, did you?” Valentina glared at her father, her green eyes with gold flecks, already turning those of a cat’s.
    “Did what?” He asked his voice small.
    “Love mum or me.”
    “Of course I did.” He tried to sound hurt, but failed.
    “Stop trying. I am leaving! And don’t you dare try and stop me!” Valentina said, her voice steady and firm but full of venom.

    Valentina whirled around and ran into her bedroom, her tail swinging behind her. Seconds later she ran out, already packed. She had also put a dagger on her leg and three throwing knives in various places. Her father didn’t know about those, save the dagger. Valentina’s father ran in front of the door. Immediately her claws came out.
    “I told you not to try and stop me” She hissed, clawing him in the shoulder. He fell over in pain and Valentina kicked him out of the way. Never mess with me again She thought, opening the door. She stepped through and made her way out of the village, ignoring all the taunts and threats that she had endured constantly since her mother had died. She had no idea where she would be going, just somewhere, anywhere.