So I tell Kai to be safe...I suppose I could be a hypocrite and do the same thing.

    While I was taking yet another shower the night Mayura arrived, I skipped the shampoo and conditioner to avoid the chemicals leaking into my head wound. The lukewarm water alone caused it to sting and I was surprised at how much blood washed out. It probably wasn't serious enough to go to the hospital; I'd just have to rest. Thankfully Kai was coming back home tomorrow or the day after but I probably wouldn't have time to explain why Ai was with us.

    "Ow, ow, ow," I groaned as Ai pressed an ice pack against the back of my head.

    "Sorry," she apologized. "Are you sure you're okay, Nana?"

    I nodded my head, surprised that such a young girl was so polite. Her parents taught her well the time she was with them. Ai pressed the ice pack a little harder against my head and I bit my lip. The ice pack was wrapped in a towel to both reduce the cold and absorb the leftover specks of blood. Forgetting how hungry I was at first, I hurried off of the bed and quickly made a meal for Ai and I before I would go to bed.

    "Sorry, Ai," I apologized while hurrying with making quick noodles and veggies.

    "I'm still sorry," she propped her head on her hands and sighed sadly. "You're still hurt."

    "I'll be fine; I've been through much worse."

    "Like what?"

    I glanced over at Ai and she had a curious smile on her face and I laughed, "Let's just say I've had my share of Vampire and Werewolf attacks,"

    "But why would they attack you so much?"

    "It's...It's complicated," I bit my lip.

    "Oh, okay," she understood. "I was just curious."

    "You're such a sweet girl," I smiled.

    "You're nice too, Nana," she smiled back.

    I continued to smile, "Okay, food's ready," I handed her a bowl of noodles and vegetables after I mixed them together.

    She immediately grabbed her chopsticks and dove at the food. I sat next to her and ate my food slowly, feeling the sleep catching up with me. I was surprised I was still so tired, considering I was knocked out for four hours. It would be even harder for me to sleep until Kai got back because Ai said Mayura claimed she and Hitoshi would be back.

    Apparently I dozed off longer than I assumed; Ai handed me her empty bowl with a smile on her face, "I'm done, Nana,"

    I glanced down at my bowl and frowned; I hardly took any bites out of mine, "Okay, put your bowl in the sink and you can start drawing again," I granted. "I'll be in the bedroom in a bit."

    "Okay!" she hopped off of the stool and ran into the bedroom after putting her bowl in the sink.

    I quickly finished my dinner and put the dishes into the sink instead of the dishwasher, too exhausted to do otherwise. Just as I was making my way to the bedroom, my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was Kai calling; was something wrong?


    "Arisa? I'll head home the day after tomorrow; it's a full moon tomorrow night and I need to reassure Takeuchi will be safe." he paused. "Will you be okay?"

    I probably didn't have any room to think to myself but I nodded, "Yeah, I'll be fine,"

    "Are you sure you'd not rather go to Matsuda and Orihime's?"

    "I'll be fine, Kai, I have the gun," I reassured.

    He paused for a long time, "I'll be there as soon as I can; I'll leave late tonight."

    "Kai, if you have to help Takeuchi and Miku, then you help them,"

    "Arisa, you're my first priority," he mumbled. "I'm constantly worrying about you."

    "Kai, I'm not a child," I shut my mouth right away, glancing over at a giggling Ai. "Just stay there until Takeuchi is human again."

    "Arisa, I love you," he sighed. "I miss you."

    I smiled, "You seem to be doing worse than I am," although it was the complete opposite. "I love you too."

    "Goodbye, I'll be back soon," he promised.

    We hung up and my heart sunk, not only because I missed him so much but because I was afraid of the full moon. I hadn't realized it was coming so soon; maybe Mayura meant she'd be back during the full moon...when Hitoshi would be a Werewolf. My heart skipped severely and I laid down on my side on the bed. Ai shook me gently with concern on her face and I rolled onto my back.


    "I'm okay," I smiled. "I...I think I just ate my food a little too quickly."

    She pursed her lips together, "But that guy was saying something about the full moon tomorrow night,"

    "Oh, you heard?" I frowned. "Yeah, I guess I'm a little worried. Don't worry, there's another house we could go to if things become too difficult."

    "But Mayura and Hitoshi might be back," she bit her lip. "That won't be good."

    "We'll be okay," I rubbed her back and smiled weakly. "I'm going to sleep now; behave yourself and stay in here."

    "Okay," she nodded. "Goodnight, Nana."

    The stinging and throbbing was coming back to my head as soon as I started worrying about the full moon. Of course I was worried about Takeuchi but I was more concerned about Ai and I for selfish reasons. Yes, she was a Vampire, but she was only six years old; she couldn't protect me very well. It was my duty to keep her safe. In a way...I was maturing so much more than I ever thought I had before.


    I woke up in the afternoon with a knot in my stomach, especially after I glanced at the clock. It was about one in the afternoon, Ai was sound asleep with her drawing utensils sprawled on the bed again, and it was six to seven hours until sunset. I would have to spend that whole time preparing myself, although the last thing I probably should have been doing was staying home during a full moon. But Mayura and Hitoshi didn't seem to notice my blood; maybe they weren't after it? Duh, Arisa, they were after Ai.

    If it was ever possible, I would enjoy asking Mayura and Hitoshi why they were after Ai. She was only a child; what was so important as to keep pursuing her? Was Mayura's job as a Necromantic Hunter that important to her? She is somewhat psycho, though..."I want to see the light escape your eyes!" I shivered at the thought and climbed out of bed. The minutes were dragging by like hours, only building up the tension more. If I would tell Kai to hurry home immediately, making him leave Takeuchi and Miku, then he wouldn't be back until very late. The weather was apparently severe down there so flights were being canceled frequently.

    "Oh God, Kai, you're gone during the epitome of all dangers," I buried my face in my hands. "I don't think I can do this..."

    A knot tied in my chest and I glanced over at Ai, still deep in her slumber. The patch was still over her eye; it was probably time I removed it when she would wake up. I hurriedly grabbed my cell phone and called work.


    "When can I come in?" I asked urgently. "Tonight?"

    "Um..." she paused, probably checking the schedule. "You can fill in for somebody at seven until midnight; is that okay?"

    "Yeah, that's fine," I sighed. "Thank you."

    "Is there something wrong?"

    "No, I just get paranoid when Kai isn't around," I bit my lip. "And I guess there is a little dilemma."

    "Just come in whenever you want, darling," she was still concerned.

    "Thank you," and I hung up.

    Of course I wasn't going to tell Manager Uratada I was on the verge of being eaten by a half Werewolf half Vampire hybrid. I wasn't going to tell her the child with me was a Vampire. I was only going to show her Ai and ask what I could do. If Manager Uratada were to ever find out I was frolicking with Vampire and Werewolves, she'd surely never look in my direction again.

    "What kind of crap am I getting myself into?" I mumbled and glanced back at Ai.

    I sat in one of the chairs in the living room, occupying myself with my mind to think to myself. Kai would be coming in a little over twenty-four hours and the full moon was only hours away. It wouldn't surprise me if Mayura and Hitoshi tried killing me again but it also wouldn't surprise me if they hardly touched me; maybe they were the kind to play with their prey before they kill? I only continued to sit in dead silence, preparing myself for what I could possibly meet up with later in the night.