• “Alexander” a new voice calls to me as I wake up “Alexander you must wake up and hurry”
    “Ea give me a minuet I’m just waking up now” I rub my eyes and sit up looking at a beautiful young lady
    “You haven’t a minuet now get up you lazy a**, if you don’t no one will think you are ready for war” the young lady says to me now with a bit of concern in her voice
    I get up at get a better look at her, and I get waken when I see my Dreyse M1907 in her left hand and Mauser C96 in her right. “May I have me Dreyse back please”
    “why it’s a piece of crap, it will kill you faster than the British; now come with me you are getting better weapons and some training today before you head off to boot camp” She says with a bit of a laugh
    “It was a gift from my grandfather, it’s all I have to remember him by, I won’t use it in battle but I would much like to keep it” I say as I rise to my feet.
    “Fine idiot” she hands me it “now get ready for hell” she says staring at me
    “Yes, yes I’m up, lead the way” I say as I brush myself off.
    “Good and remember who you are, why you are here, and when you got here, got it?” she ask turning around and leading with her left foot
    “Yea I got it don’t worry.” I say as I turn and start to follow her “may I ask your name?”
    “Yes you just did and in case you ask my name its Roisin” she says as you turns a corner
    “Nice to meet you, how ol--- am I stepping out of line?” I ask now with a bit of fear in my voice
    “No it’s fine, and I’m twenty-three for the record. Remember show no fear” She stops at a door opening it.
    As I walk through the door Roisin closes it behind me, and I see a room nearly empty with only a table with a rifle, two side arms, and a set of knifes; there is also a man leaning against a wall eyeing me and my every movement. I look him in the eyes not looking away for a second and he does the say, and as we stare at each other he opens his mouth as if to speak but then doesn’t.
    “Hello, my name is Alexander; I came here yesterday” I shake as I speak.
    “Hei, ajaa te haastaa Finnish?”(Hello do you know Finnish?) He says with an accent that I can recognize, Swedish.
    “English? Irish? Do you know Irish or English?” I say wondering why I’m talking to a Swedish man.
    “Finnish Finnish ajaa te osata jokin Finnish?”(Finnish, Finnish do you know Finnish?) He asked
    “I’m sorry but I don’t understand you” I say franticly hoping he understands me “English or Irish please”
    “Haluta, haluta i-kirjain kaivata joku jotta juoruta jotta. Haluta erottaa we te osata Finnish. Hän tapa te juoruta jotta we?”(Please, please I need someone to talk to. Please tell me you know Finnish. Why won’t you talk to me?) He says as a tear falls from his face
    “Look friend I know you don’t know what I am saying but I won’t let anything happen to you; we are in this together.” I say as I wrap my arms around him and let a tear fall from my eye as well.
    After roughly five minutes of this the other man lets go and points to himself saying “Anders, Anders.” He then points at me saying “nimi, nimi”
    As I point at me self I say “Ale-“ but I was interrupted by several loud explosions and gunshot
    They door suddenly burst opened “GET THE HELL UP” said a screaming man; language didn’t matter for I jumped at the table just as fast as my friend new friend who I believe to be names Andres did. I grabbed one the side arms and two knifes. Andres grabbed the rifle, other sidearm and the two remaining knifes, and we ran out of the room.
    As soon as we stepped out we saw anarchy, All the tables where overturned with armed men and women leaning against them on the side towards us so we went flush against the door way. Andres took point at the pivot point of the door with his rifle in hand. He looks past the door then tuned to me saying something but I have no idea what. I instead of proving to be dead weight moved the table out into the door way and flipped it on its side and went flush against it with a pistol in each hand.
    They it started, guns went off all around me, I instantly learn over the table firing blindly when I felt was a good spot to fire at, only unloading five shells. As I go back to the shelter of the table I hear someone scream that it was the British military. Just then a bullet flew right over the table, as I watched it crashed into a wall and penetrated inwards and created a hole. With that I took to my feet running screaming for Andres to follow. I ran down the hall made my first left and saw a well armed group of individuals setting up the room for the battle.
    “You, kids grab some sand bag and help us bottle neck the hall way” the man who appeared to be organizing the whole thing said staring at me.
    I grabbed a couple and joined in on setting up, and on my way back to get more bags the woman, Roisin , from earlier tossed a rifle at me stating “it’s a German Mauser” then tossed we a bag of magazines “each clip holds a maximum of five 7.92 shells.”
    I shoulder the Mauser, thank her, and then get back to the sand bag. After roughly ten minutes of setting up people started running past us and the man who had been organizing the defensive live told us to arm up. I jumped behind the closes set of sandbags and took aim with my new Mauser and waited. Then I saw a British man turn the corner, not a second later I saw a bullet rip through his head and his body fall. Another man came I fired hitting his arm as he his body flew to the side I fired another round into his chest and he fell screaming. A gun came around the corner and started firing. After it finished I got up from my cover the rifle falling to the ground covered in blood, I looked around to see if any of my comrades where hit, I saw a young lad, younger then me on the flood squeezing his arm with blood coming through his fingers and hand.
    As the British troops started a rush a MG started to fire from behind me and left a group of roughly fifteen dead soldiers on the floor. As I raised my rifle once more and squeezed off my clip’s last three rounds dropping another British soldier who didn’t run and turn after the Mg was unleashed yet missed its bullets. As I reloaded my rifle I saw a women run past me with a Winchester turn the corner and fire 5 rounds, then fire the sixth as she turned back around the corner towards us, with bullets all around her.
    “Kid get your a** out of here! Just run with the others we got this front, now run!” coming from a blackened face behind the MG.
    So I ran, and ran. With a rifle, two side arms, a couple of knives, and a bag of ammo. I ran down a hall way, then down another, and then I ran some more. So to that man on the Mg all I have to say is yes I ran.