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    Serenity had just drove from the New York, Canada border into Buffalo, New York. She stopped to get a bite to eat at an Italian restaurant in Elmwood Ave. Any clues leading to her sister's disappearance eluded her. She sighed. A waiter asked her what she wanted. "I'll take a salad and a glass of water." Vivienne's disappearance case has been zapping her appetite. Serenity loved her sister. She and Vivienne were always best friends. Serenity couldn't stand any more. She was massively worried. In these missing person cases, the police always find the body of the dead girl, never the girl. After she finished her food, she headed for the door and got into her car. She drove back into the Canada border. A minute after I drove away into Canada, my iPhone rang. My neighbor and childhood friend, Leah Martinez, called.
    "Hey, Serena, I think I found something! Come to the Niagara Rivers Pkwy. now! I've just found what I think is to be her iPod buried deep in the dirt under one of the park benches." She said.
    "You found her iPod? She never leaves anywhere without it. I'm going to hurry." Serenity responded, excited. She drove over to the street and captured a view of Niagara Falls. She parked into the parking lot which was far away from the falls and was greeted by her friend.
    "Hello, Serenity. Enough idle chit-chat." Leah got into Serenity's car. She dangled Vivienne's iPod in her face by the small earphones.
    "Is that my sister's iPod?" Serenity asked. Leah chuckled and showed her the back of the iPod that had a tape stuck on it that said, "Vivienne Marie Chandler." It even had the black marker mark on it when the two of them where angry at each other and Vivienne accidentally ran the black Sharpie marker on the brand new iPod.
    They walked to the bench where Leah found the iPod. We looked at the hole Leah dug to find the iPod. Serenity looked at Leah confusingly. Leah just stared back at her as they sat down on the bench. "What?" Leah asked.
    "Why'd you dig that hole in the first place? Because you were bored?" Serenity asked her.
    "Oh, you should be grateful I did that in the first place! So stop your silly questions and be grateful for once!" Leah yelled. She paused for a minute, then said, "Sorry for yelling. I'm just in a very bad mood because my boyfriend just cheated on me with my arch-enemy."
    "Crystal Thorn?" Serenity asked. "That girl who always pushed you around and called you names in intermediate and high school? Do you know where he is? I'll kick his *ss for you! And I'll beat down the girl too. Do you need me to, girlie?" Leah giggled then happily said, "No. You have your sister to find. I don't want to be a burden. Besides, I um. . . threw a chair at both of them." They both laughed. Then Leah had a real big idea. "I know! Let's talk to her best friend, Kara! We can talk to her ex-boyfriend and her other friends too! Get your iPhone out while I get my tiny little T-Mobile phone out." They dialed many phone numbers with almost nobody knowing where Vivienne was. Except for Crystal, who they dialed out of curiosity. At first, Crystal just blabbed out insults and just badmouthed all of them, even the missing sister. Then Serenity said, "Oh, so you want us to e-mail everyone in our class the pictures we took of you stuffing toilet paper in your shirt in the bathroom in the 100 wing?" When she said that, Crystal told them the truth. "Okay, I was following her in the hall leading to the bus ramps in the 100 wing. I wanted to get back at her for throwing her chili cheese fries on me. I planned to pull her hair and rip open her clothes, but when she walked out, I saw her being grabbed by some man in a cloak driving a black Mercedes Benz. That's all I know, so leave me alone!" She hung up the phone after.
    Serenity and Leah got in Serenity's silver Chevrolet. They drove to Charlotte's house on Roberts St. When they got there, Charlotte's father, Joseph Connor, 57 years old, was taking out the trash and greeted them. His "howdy-do" voice was usually used when greeting Charlotte's friends, but instead he used his original Canadian voice. "Oh, hello, ladies. Charlotte is in her room, working on her homework. Her mom's making oatmeal. If you guys are hungry, you can just ask her for some." He said. The two girls shook their head and politely greeted him as well. They walked inside, greeted Ms. Connor, and joined Charlotte in her room. "Hey, Charlotte." They both greeted. Charlotte looked at them scornfully.
    "Shouldn't you two be doing your homework right about now?" She asked. "You two already are down to C's and D's." They both rolled their eyes at her.
    "Yeah, yeah. Homework, homework. We need a favor to ask of you." Serenity said. Charlotte was the one to roll her eyes now. "Don't tell me you want me to be your freaky brainy researcher girl." She said. They nodded. "Please, Charlotte. Be a part of the team." Leah pleaded. "If you do, we'll make sure you're invited to the night club where Maria is holding her after school rave." Leah bribed her. In 9th through 11th grade, Charlotte was always the fattest person in their class, or so Crystal had presumed. Charlotte was still smarter than Crystal was. Even though, she was never invited to any parties. In the end of 11th grade, Charlotte was so skinny because she wanted to lose weight. It was the words of her best friends, teachers, counselors, and her own parents, to stop her from ending up in the hospital. Serenity stopped being the smartest because she was still in shock of her sister's disappearance. They all walked out of the door of Charlotte's house and they all said, "This will be the beginning!"

    End of Chapter