• Prologue
    Since the day I was born I could see the shadows. They weren't normal shadows that were caused by the sun, these shadows could move on their own and kill you if they wanted to. I remember when I was five years old, I was asleep in my little,pink ,frilly bed when I felt something choking me, my parents didn't run in my room to help me like a good parent because they weren't home, they were never home. When the shadow finally let go I couldn't sleep for a week and I had a giant bruise on my neck that only I could see.


    I wake up every morning with a sigh of relieve. Relieve that the moon is gone and the sun is out, relieve that its not dark out anymore and no shadows will come out in the middle of the night to do whatever they try to do to me.
    My name is Annabell , Anna for short, and every night I have to block out the voices, squeeze my eyes so tight that tears fall out of the corner of my eyes. Every day I wake up with a sigh of relieve, with blotchy, puffy, red eyes, from the cruel late nights. Every day I go to school and hope the day will never end, wish the moon will never come out, pray that I will live to see tomorrow and not 'mysteriously' die.
    The only one place I feel safe is at my boyfriend/protector's house. Where the shadows never appear for some weird, bizarre reason, but it's the one time of the day where I can get a full nights sleep and night wake up from me screaming or from something choking me. Oh, yeah his name is Dylan, light hazel brown hair and eyes, with a deep husky voice and every time he stares at me I just feel like my worries have been wiped away and I was pure again.
    We both attend the same high school, same age, only difference is 3 months, and we oddly have all of our classes together. Some people notice and ask us if we rearranged things so we have classes together, and we say "It was just fate," and walk away hand in hand to our next class together.
    Of course I've always wondered if Dylan set this up! I mean he is always( well almost always) with me 24 hrs, but on week days because i still have to worry about the mother who is a workaholic,who I never see,and a father that is always traveling. Sometimes I wonder why I bother staying around if I won't see them, even Dylan thinks that I should just start living there (which made my day!) and just keep the house phone there in case they ever called.
    Anyways, so we are at school when I get called up to the principal's office. As I walk down the long empty hallways, I start to shake because I see tiny shadows following me. I quicken my walk and before I know it I'm at the door that reads "Office".
    I go up to one of the ladies behind the big oval desk.
    "Hello, how may I help you?" An older lady with pink glasses on, pink shirt, pink pants, and even pink shoes, says in her southern accent. We're not even IN Texas!
    "I'm here because ,um, Mr. S wanted to see me." I stuttered.
    "Name? First and last please." She said in a very snotty way.
    "Annabell.....Annabell Rees." (Yes I know, very common last name.)
    "OH! Right! Mr. Spandrels is waiting for you. Just walk rrriiigght in." She acts like I did something wrong! Me, do something wrong! PUH-LES!

    I go to knock on the door and I see Mr.S and not one or two , but THREE men in black,(Pun intended) with a woman wearing a to tight to be appropriate black dress. They all turn and look at me and it feels like they are watching my every move. ( I can't tell 'cuz they are wearing sunglasses.)
    "Hello Miss Rees. We've been expecting you." Mr.S say's in a very creepy murder like way,
    "Um, Am I in trouble?" I stupidly sputter.
    "In trouble?! NO! Of course not! These fine gentlemen and woman want to have a chat with you that's all." He says.
    OH god! What do they want. I fiddle with the ring Dylan gave me for our two year anniversary, not a diamond ring of course, but a simple thick silver ring with sun's carved into it.
    "Well I leave so you four can take in peace." Mr.S leaves.
    "Please have a seat Miss Rees. We have some bad news." The lady in the skimpy dress tells me.