• Doctor, is our daughter alright? The family had waited for quite some time before the doctor spoke a word. I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but your daughter Evangeline died a little bit after we got her to the room. Mrs. Smith burst into to tears at the sound of Dr. Gazen telling her of the many gashes and wounds on her poor daughters body. Devin was still sitting in the corner when he heard the news. He tried to fight back tear over tear but he couldn't help it, his tears were too strong. He burst out of the hospital into the pouring rain outside. Soaking wet from the rain and his tears, Devin started to shiver, as he thought, as he was standing out in the rain, why would god do this why would he take my love away from me. As he thought he pulled out a little black box and opened it up. Inside was a diamond ring. Devin snapped the box up and put it in his pocket and started to walk home.

    The next few weeks of senior year were not what Devin dreamed of before the accident. Everyone was always trying to say they were sorry for what happened and they new what he was going through. Every time Devin would always say, “Why are you sorry you didn't do it, and NO you don't know what I’m going through. After a while Devin became behind in his studies and he was getting low grades. He got kicked off the football team. Devin thought nothing could ever get worse.

    It was another boring day for senior year and Devin was in history ,when all of a sudden the teacher said there was a new student. Her name was Kassie. She looked around the classroom and then she saw him, Devin. Kassie ran up to Devin and said I must speak to you. Devin looked up from his desk and stared at the young girl. When he looked up he saw a girl that looked some what like Evangeline. At that moment the bell rang for lunch. Kassie grabbed Devin's arm and ran into the hall way. "What's your name?" Kassie said once they got into the hall. Devin was still confused. His girlfriend was dead but yet some one that looked just like her was standing right in front of him. "Who are you?" said Devin after a minute of silence. "I'm Kassie and I need your help." At that very moment, a man came out of the shadows and grabbed Kassie. "If you ever want to see your princess again go to the palace on the far side of the land." Then the man just disappeared into the shadows.

    To be continued....
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