• Sparkling red paper and pale blue ribbon sat under a tree in the main office. Matt had stayed in his room for most of the day. He was still mad about inspection. The large man hadn't returned for many weeks, but Matt was still suspicious.
    "Matt! Sure, it happened a lot in the past two years, but it'll never happen again! He was caught and fired." Kalla grabbed his hand gently. Matt sighed, but followed her downstairs. Several childeren and Miss Charlene gathered around a Christmas tree in the main room. Matt was sixteen now, and Kalla had just turned fiveteen.
    "Look who finally decided to join us!" Lyria said happily. She was the newest member at the orphanage. Just then, two women entered the big room. One was older, and one looked like hell, but must have been no more than thirty.
    "Hello, Charlene." the fifty-some year old said. Her voice was soft but rather strong for an old woman.
    "Oh, Bethna. I hadn't expected you until after the holidays. Oh, Hellina! Have you gotten worse?!" Charlene cupped her hand over her mouth. Bethna nodded and the woman that seemed to be Hellina sighed.
    "She has one week to live, and she doesn't want to wait to adopt." Bethna sat down next to Charlene, and Hellina walked into the other room.
    "Well, where will the children go afterwords?" Charlene asked. Bethna pointed to herself and smiled.
    "I may be old, but I aint' done livin'! I think I can choose four off the back." Bethna laughed. Charlene waved her hands at the children and walked to the office. "Alright... you two. What are your names?" Bethna nodded torward Kalla and Matt. "I know the girl's blind." she added.
    "I'm Matt, and this is Kalla." Matt motioned with his hands.
    "Ok... and the two younger ones... twins, it looks like." Bethna squinted. Alexis and Tyler smiled.
    "I'm Alexis."
    "I'm Tyler." Charlene entered with the four papers Bethna had already filled out, and Bethna quickly jot down the names.
    "Alright, these are the ones. Ok kids, pack up your things. You've got a home." the kids were extatic! They ran upstairs so fast that they practically tripped over eachother.

    Matt was ready first, so he loaded everyone's luggage on the back of the car and went to speak with Bethna.
    "Ummm, Bethna? I don't know if it matters, but me and Kalla, are actually... together." Matt siad nervously.
    "Oh, it's alright dear you aren't actually realated!" her british acssent made her sound even more nice and petite. The kids loaded in the car and said goodbye to Miss Charlene.
    "We'll visit." Kalla said happily. And they took off.