• Right, I picked 'russet skin, light brown eyes, spiky brown hair, taller than me and fit'. The guy on the other side stood up - damn, he was gorgeous. Then, I did. Isn't he Melissa Park's totally hot senior boyfriend? We got shut into the toom - with the guys whooping and the girls cursing. Ok, whatever, Melissa will have to do without.

    Both of us were pretty nervous, but he made the first move. Cocky but confident as always. He is in my art class. He said 'Well, we have to do something.' I nodded. God, I can't breathe.
    'You alright?' he asked as if he read my mind. I nodded again.
    'Hm. You know, Melissa wishes she was as toned as you, thin but still sexy.' He suddenly yanked my shirt up and put his hand on my flat stomach. Soon, I started walking forcing him to move his hand and he followed me as I paced aroudn the room.
    Totally surprised I said 'W-well Taylor, um, thanks but it's just nothing tell her to um do enough exercise and yoga or something and-'
    He cut me out saying 'We have just 28 minutes left.'
    'It's not just, it's 28 minutes. That's lots.'
    'As you say M'am.' I turned to face him.
    'Please don't call me that.' I turned back and walked towards the wall to look at the art.
    'Alright then, Jennii.' I sighed.
    'You don't happen to have a boyfriend, do you?'
    I sighed and started 'N-'
    He grabbed my wrist and spun me around so my hands were on his chest and his face looking down on me. I'm not that short, it's just that he was tall.
    He was breathing pretty hard and I hoped he would let go. His left arm wound around my petit figure and his right was in my hair.

    He carried me so my back was against the wall and let me go there. I tried to get underway but his arms made a wall and cornered me onto the walls. Now it was my turn to breathe hard. He let his right index finger follow its way from my face to my body but when he reached my tummy, he spread out his hand and slid it under my shirt. Mind you, he did not grope my boobs like other guys. He cocked his head to the right and moved his head towards mine. I closed my eyes.

    I was sure he should've been touching my lips by now. So I opened my eyes. But he had stopped midway and was looking at every feature of my face - slowly. And when he caught my eyes - he chuckled softly. I am going to melt onto the floor right NOW. Gorgeous or what? Melissa doesn't deserve him. The suddenly he kissed me hard but gentle on my lips. (boy, this guy always does sudden movements.) His lips were soft, warm and tasted of the sea. Not the bad fishy one, but the nice one.