• ~ December 7, 1941- Pearl Harbor~

    Missiles dropped in torrents around me as I ran down the streets to the shelter. My feet were bare and torn from running over the debris covered roads and my sundress was tattered and torn. Men were screaming and yelling as they shot at the bomber planes flying overhead. My mother ran ahead of me, clutching my baby sister to her chest. 'hunk.' I hit the ground as I felt a searing pain in my arm as blood streamed down. "Mom!" I screamed as another missile dropped and chunks of rock and gravel pelted me. But my mother was nowhere to be seen. The next thing I knew, a shadow fell over me before a bone shattering explosion sounded not 10 feet away from my head.

    It was night now. The stars and moon illuminated the once beautiful harbor. My body throbbed in pain under the pile of rubble.
    'Let it end... Just let the pain end' I begged mentally. My face feltwet and sticky and my vision was clouded in red. My mother... My sister.... Where were they? Did they sur-? I choked as an even greater pain wracked through my body. Why? Why did this have to happen?
    I barely noticed as a figure leaned down over me.
    "Tisk, tisk. Poor little human. You're half dead among the dead. How pitiful..."
    It sounded like a man, I think.
    "And look, you're all covered in blood. How unfortunate....for you anyways."
    I felt an even greater pain that burnt through my body like fire, searing every nerve it touched. It grew greater and greater, leaving me trembling violently. Too weak to utter a sound, I opened my mouth in a silent scream. The pain just wouldn't end....

    ~October 13, 2009- La Push, Washington~

    I silently stared up at the moon as it hung over the trees of the dense forest. A different one than last night, nonetheless, but a forest all the same. Nothing really different except for the smell. It had a horrid smell down on the ground, explaining why I'd taken to staying high up in the pines. I didn't have the slightest clue as to what the stench was, but I honestly could care less. I had more pressing matters to worry about. For example, getting food. We vampires always had it tough when it came to getting food. It was downright hard for us to pick off humans in a small area without being noticed.
    'But,I think I've found my dinner for tonight,' I thought wryly as I watched the young couple camping in the clearing below me. Of course, they couldn't see me from the ground since I was so high up. The young man looked roughly twenty, as did the girl. The man would be easy enough to lure out to me but the girl would be a bit more difficult.
    "No more waiting," I mumbled as I stood up, My jeans and tank was ragged and torn with bloodstains covering a good portion of them. I double checked my backpack to make sure it was tight enough before jumping off the limb. It felt so peaceful to freefall for that small few seconds before silently landing on the ground. Neither human noticed my presenceas I leisurely walked into their camp, and pretended to limp pathetically and put on my best hurt and scared look. All they would see was a young girl that seemed hurt trying to find help. 'Helping me' would be the death of them. As I limped in, they both turned to face me and genuine concern passed across both of their faces. Too bad for them...

    It was over quickly. As soon as they'd come to my aid, I'd struck. Drinking a girl's blood wasn't within my tastes really, but I'd been desperate and hungry. Now it was around noon and I was hiding out in the woods to stay out of the bright sun. It just irritated me to no end that I had to hide when it was nice out. I missed being able to hang out with my friends during the summer.
    'No, your friends are all dead. They died many years ago. End of story.'
    If I could have, I would've started crying. I'd lost everything... My friends, family, home, everything that I held dear to me. Being turned was just a little added bonus to my misery...

    *Meanwhile, at the Cullen's home...*

    "Carlisle, this isn't something we can merely dismiss as an animal attack!" an agitated Jacob Black snarled at the blond vampire before him. The other man simply shook his head. "I know that, Jacob, but it's too soon to jump to the conclusion that we have a newborn vampire roaming through our territories." They were both seated in the modern;y fashioned living room of the Cullen's mansion. "Carlisle," an auburn haired vampire who had his arm around a dark haired girl, said warrily," I have to agree with Jacob on this. The sequence of the recent attacks in the state and the matter of the killings all points to the fact that its a newborn. Or, at least, a very inexperienced vampire with no control over their bloodlust." The small child in the girl's arms sat up. "I think Daddy is right. It does sound like a newborn." Though still very small, Renesmee could talk with the professionalism of most businessmen. "Yes, Edward, I can see that but you're missing th point. If this so called newborn was out of control, the Volturi would've taken care of it by now." Carlisle said seriously but paused midthought.
    "Unless, they expect us to deal with it... No, they aren't like that... It wouldn't dp them any good to sit back and let a newborn run wild." Jacob was getting irritated. "Oh for God's sake! It's obviously a newborn!" he shouted and wildly waved his arms around in the air. "With all due respect, Jacob, just shut up." Edward mumbled as he ran his hand through his hair in a stressed out way.
    "We need to find this vampire, and quickly."