• At the crack of dawn, the friendly choo choo train went along with his usual chores....making friends. Little did he know, this would be his last day.

    After smoking some pot and making fierce love with a prostitoot-toot, the friendly choo-choo train went along the tracks to find some friends. Soon, he spotted a bunny hopping across the tracks. He went along and stopped in front of it.

    "Hi! I'm the friendly choo-choo train, what's your name?" asked the choo-choo train.

    "My name is Rupert!" said the bunny, wiggling his tail.

    "Rupert Rupert Rupert Rupert RUUUUPPPEEERRRRRRT!!!!!" shouted the choo-choo train. Then he ran over the bunny and went along with his way.

    Later, he saw a snake slithering in the grass. He sped towards it.

    "Hi! I'm the friendly choo-choo train, what's your name?" asked the choo-choo train.

    "My name isss Alexander, but Alex for short," said the snake, showing his pointed venomous fangs.

    "Alex Alex Alex Alex ALLLEEEEEXXX!!!!!!!!!!" shouted the choo-choo train. Then he went along his way, showering the little snake with sparks.

    About an hour later, he came to his final stop. A big grizzly bear he's been trying to be friends with for awhile. The grizzly bear was a mean, hostile person who didn't like to be messed with. The last time the friendly choo-choo train tried to be friends with him, the bear said,

    "If you come near me again, I'll kill you!!!"

    The friendly choo-choo train didnt think he would or could kill him, for the little grizzly was just to small.

    "Hey!" shouted the friendly choo-choo train, going faster. The grizzly bear saw him, and ran away, but he accidentally let something drop out of his trouser pocket.

    "You dropped something Mr. Grizzly Bear!" shout the choo-choo train, about to pick it up, "You forgot about your-!" For a split second the choo-choo train's eyes widened, for as he put his finger to the thing the grizzly dropped, he noticed that it was a land mine. But sadly, it was too late. BOOOOOOM!!!!!! The bits of the friendly choo-choo train had been scattered all over the track. The friendly choo-choo train was gone.

    He was dug a nice big grave and it took almost a week to put him back together. As they walked away from the freshly buried grave, the words on the grave read,

    Hi! I'm the friendly choo-choo train, what's your name?