• Deep in the dragon’s forest.” Oh No! They’re coming!” yelled an elder of the Dragon’s castle.
    “Quick in this cave,” Shouted his wife. “That was close.”
    “WWAAHH!!!” A voice cried from the corner.
    “What? It’s a baby golden dragon! What should we do with it?” the elder asked.
    “We should raise him.” she replied.
    “But its golden all golden dragons are to be killed!”
    “We’ll disguise him as a fire dragon.” she said.
    “Ok but what if he shoots water?” he asked.
    “Then we’ll have to tell him.”

    “Look Out!” Screamed the golden dragon Roman’s friend Scales. FFWWOOMM!! Roman blasted fire at the stuffed target.
    “Oh yeah he shoots he scores!” shouted Roman.
    “Good work Rome you did great!” said the captain. TTWWEETT!! Whistled the lunch whistle. “All right everyone Lunch!” he shouted.
    ”Mmmm… Look at all the food!” Scales said.
    “Yep now that we’re 100 we can eat at the teens court!” said Roman.
    “On your mark… Get set… STUFF!! YYOOIINNKK!! YYOOIINNKK!! YYOOIINNKK!! “All right who stuffed the most food in they’re wing pockets,” said Scales. “Its…SCALES!! Wait what’s this? Oh, Roman stuffed more in his mouth pocket! The winner is Roman!! Thank you for playing Stuff Your Pockets!!”
    Later in practice… FFWWOOMM!! FFWWOOMM!! SSQQUUIIRRTT!! “What? Oh my gosh I must be sick I shot water!” shouted Roman. He ran to his house. “Mom something terrible has happened… I SHOT WATER, ONLY BLUE DRAGONS DO THAT!!” he screamed.
    “Its time we told him…” Later that day…
    “Well I’m heading off,” said Roman. “See you later mom.”

    And so as Roman travels through The Dragon’s Forest to find someway to become a human he finds another human walking by. “Excuse me?” he asked.
    “Don’t worry I’m not going to eat you I’m trying to find out how to become a human.” said Roman.
    “Your not?”
    “So you want to become a human right?”
    “Then you want to go to The Pit of Transformation.”
    The man caught a glimpse of something very strange and it was growling. “I think something dangerous is following us,” said the human. “Lets go. Oh yeah I forgot I’m Mark.”
    “I’m Roman.”
    “Cool.” So they headed of to the Pit.

    Abruptly Roman and Mark are getting closer to they’re destination and the food supply is shrinking. “Oh yeah good going we’re in Ice Valley! Lets go the short way and freeze us to death!”
    “How could I know it freezes up in the winter?”
    “Sorry I didn’t know at least it would make this a short trip.”
    “Yeah by dying.” As they get past the Ice Valley they soon see the pit three miles away. “Yes! Human Roman here I come! YYEEHHAAHH!!” Roman shouts as he and Mark run down hill to the pit then suddenly. WWHHAAMM!! They were knocked out by the most evil creatures: Minotaur, ogres, and the leader of them the Cyclops. Soon they wake up in they’re fortress jail.
    “How are you doing dragon of fire?” Taunted an ogre guard.
    “I am not a dragon of fire I’m a golden dragon.”
    “HAHAHA!!” laughed the guard.” How come your red?”
    “Shoot. Forgot about that.”

    Suddenly a strange but familiar shadow appered.”Scales!”
    “In the scaly flesh.” FFWWOOMM!!
    “YEOCH!!” screamed the ogre. SSQQUURRIITT!! Romans golden scales were revealed. DING DING DING!!! “ALL MONSTERS RUN! A GOLDEN DRAGON IS HERE!!” Suddenly the monster of all monsters comes The Cyclops.
    “WWRROOAARR!!” yelled the Cyclops. FFWWOOMM!! SSQQUUIIRRTT!! WWHHAAMM!! As he shot steel. WWOOSSHH!! As he blew wind. WWHAAMM crumble crumble!! As he spat rocks and earth. SSTTIINNGG crash!! As he shot ice. Roman shot him with all he had. Then the Cyclops crushed Scales and Mark, which made Roman fierce.
    “RRRRAAAAAAAAAA” he screamed. SSSSSHHHHHWWWWWOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He combined all of his powers and shot it at the Cyclops. The Cyclops leaned back and forth then finally: CRASH!!! It was defeated. “I-I won YES!! But What about the others are you guys ok?”
    “Yeah we’re alright Roman.”
    “Great!” Roman exclaimed as he helped his friends up.

    And so they run to the pit and Roman takes a swim in and. POOF! “Cool I’m a human! YYEEHHAAHH!!” cheered Roman.
    “Well glad we could help… bye,” said his friends as they walked off in sadness. “We’ll miss you.”
    “Wait I still need help finding a home.”
    And so they set off on a new adventure…