" PRINCESS! "
    " Imbecile of a Knight...Sir Steiner, please, address our Queen as a Queen. "
    " Huh? Oh, you're correct, please, forgive me... "
    - Under the heavy blankets, she stirred, a figure stepping onto the castle floors, her frame captured in a luxurient orange gown, long flowing raven hair in a mess, but not quite enough to conceal those thick brown hues that invited others to feast in their warmth.

    Quietly, she yawned, covering her mouth, quite so formal still, her eyes tracing over the appearance of General Beatrix next to her beside, Commander Steiner next to the door, the same goofy and yet proud smile once again plastered on his face.
    " Princess, today is a busy day! His majesty, Kin-er..rather, Sir Cid has announced that a monument be placed up in Treno in Sir Vivi's honor. We will be sending reserve soldiers to aid in construction. "
    " O-Oh, I see..Thank you Steiner. "
    " Your Majesty, I would like to request that I too proceed to Treno. Sir Reis from Cleyra wishes to discuss formalities. Requesting approval, Your Ma-"
    " Please, Beatrix, call me Dagg-I mean..Garnet. As for my approval, it has been granted. " her finger traced her lips, alarmed at such a displaced memory.

    The general bowed in grace, quickly leaving the quarters, the burly commander taking her place at the foot of the bed.
    " G-Ga...Oh curses! Your Majesty, have you been thinking about the thief..lately? "
    " He has a name! "
    " What? Oh, yes, yes! Sir Zid- "
    " Don't speak of him! "
    " Y-Yes, Your Majesty! " he managed, placing his arm to his head in salute, his body stiffened with rather unusual fear, the young queen taking notice, uttering a sigh she did.
    " Please forgive me, Steiner.. I have been...But I know it goes against father's command.. "
    Her fists balled, looking away in anger, " Zidane hasn't even attempted to visit, therefore I doubt I should even be pressing the matter...He's stupid! "
    Steiner remained up-right, but his face became stern.
    " As much as I dislike saying this, perhaps Sir Zidane is but a...memory? "
    " Please! "
    " Princess? "
    " Please leave me be for now! " she insisted, her tone heavy, as was her heart.

    Thus, the Knight of Pluto departed, the young woman, now 17, bathed and prepared for the "dew" of the day.
    Her appearanve changed somewhat, her hair still long, but now furbished into a small braid. All else was kept the same. Her summoning ability was still her forte, but she had become more adept to using Black Magic after some private lessons from Dr. Tot.

    Her insecurity over the boy rose from a single letter she recieved, the sender being Tribal himself.

    " Dear Your Majesty " (Princess had been scratched out)
    " Hey! Hope you're doing well! Stlizkin should be sending this letter from Mognet! He decided to join Tantalus, that rascal! Well, I'm writing this letter because I kind of won't be able to see you for awhile... I was "summoned" by Cosmos and she needs my help. But I hope to see you all soon, especially you. You owe me a date still, remember? "

    signed, Zidane Tribal

    " Cosmos....help...what? What? Where'd you go...Zidane! "

    - - - To be continued: Act I, Scene 2